Can it be said...?


I can't state,

how my love,

has played with me,

how my fortune,

and you also,

felt ashamed of me,

and I,

ashamed on myself.

The gardens are robbed,

by the autumn, but I,

by the spring,

which gives,

pleasure to all,

the people, die,

due to death,

but I am killed by my love.

My situation is like a person,

being robbed,

in the mid of his journey.

You can never imagine,

what I wanted,

and what I carried with me,

I have broken dreams,

and wounded songs,

as my achievements in the life.

I have also some fire,

and some dew with me,

all these,

what I gathered,

can't be said, even,

the music of my life,

has been played,

in such a way,

that I could not sleep,

till date.

My well wishers,

tried me to laugh,

but when I tried to cry,

I could not.........

Please do something for me,

I should not be,

in my consciousness,

you are going far from me,

but the only request,

from you,

to give me some gift,

which may be capable,

for passing the rest of my life,

and give me a story,

to which, I can remember,

throughout my life.

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HattieMattieMae profile image

HattieMattieMae 5 years ago from Limburg, Netherlands

hmm......perhaps the story unfolds leaving mysterious pages yet to turn! :)

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