How long have you been a writer? Do you write for any other sites? Which sites do you prefer and why? Which sites do...

I have been a writer for years, sometimes more than others. I have been a technical writer, producing users and technical manuals for electronic products. I have also produced reports for government agencies and business regarding compliance with regulations and environmental impacts of certain projects.

I do freelance writing for hire, I do reviews of electronic products and software.I write most anything I am asked to.

Most of the other sites that I write for insist that I not disclose our relationship. Usually the byline on my articles give the name of one of their staffers and I am a ghost writer.

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kellyhthompson profile image

kellyhthompson 6 years ago from Tampa

I have been a writer for a short period of time. Had my first book "Just Kelly" published by Publishamerica. Just finished the second one. Hoping the sales go well. I have some of my work on my hub site. Its on the backwards hub.

Sun Pen 50 profile image

Sun Pen 50 5 years ago from Srilanka

I too had to write things like manuals reports project reports etc.. connected to my work. Now I am retired and started writing recently. I love Hubpages... and write for others as You do.... on any subject...I see we both share lot of things work wise and otherwise... I too have limited mobility that forces me to the computer.. Which I am getting used to..

Happy writing.. I enjoyed the couple of your hubs I read.


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