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Writing a book are you? Never done it before?

Then don't worry, neither have I, but I do know a thing or two about writing a book, because I have researched methods and techniques as I hope to one day write one book and then many books on all of my favourite topics and story ideas.

Writing a good book comes all down to planning, a book must have an initial purpose or goal for existing as readable text, it must be present to explain what the book is about, whether it be a story or an information packed book, so for a story a synopsis is required and a conten based book must have a headline and an overview that explains what the book will do for someone who buys it to read.

A novel which is a story book must have a beginning, a middle and an end for it to be readable and to be followed as a story, so when writing the start of your story in draft, your story would have to have a starting point, maybe a simple event that has a knock on effect for the entire story or a subtle explanation which slowly brings into focus the main characters of the story, the beginning of a novel is one of the main hooks that should keep the reader interested, and the other hooks would be the front cover illustration and the story synopsis on the back cover.

The middle of your written story must have a balance and an equal amount of what could happen if you are building up suspense or more drama plot points for the story to build up to the end, the middle of the story is the filler part, alot of it, and for the most part this is where the turning point of the story occurs and the main character(s) get some top priority for showcasing some characterization if you are into that type of stuff.

The end of your story is the best bit, as it should wrap up your story and satisfy the reader in some way, the conclusion of stories should be finished so as to include elements of the beginning and the middle story parts, maybe slight reminders through the eyes of the characters or some other plot device could be useful here.

In the case of open ended stories that continue, like a saga or a trilogy of books then you still have to resolve the story for each book, before you can move on, as this is the way of writing these multi-part books.

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Writing Content Based Books

 The ways of writing useful books that are going to help someone are easily understood if you think about the customer and reader as one person, because this makes sense, identifying problems that can be solved by the creation of your book or ebook could be achieved by asking lots of questions offline, but also through relevant forums and discussion boards you could find the answers to the things that your potential niche want to find out about and read.

The chapters become more important within a book that provides informational content, as the reader can simply skim through the chapter contents and find the relevant answers for the types of problems they need to solve, and this is why yourbook needs to be top notch and provide the answers to multiple problems that make it a really good read and almost a pocket reference for excellent solutions.

I always think of a how to book as sort of a condensed blog on a subject with all the solid meaty blog posts all ordered in a sequential order, and I always look at the problogger book as a great example, as the book is like a mini version of the popular how to blog Problogger with headlines, bullet points and lists of stuff that is highly useful and handy for the blogger.

Also picking the topic or niche is a good and overall effective piece of planning because if you play your cards right, then you can corner a niche with multiple sets of sub niches that all relate to the over arcing niche, people always want to be directed to related topics and sub chapters and paragraphs of useful information, very much like a blog, so always think blog when you write a content based book.

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Writing A Good Book 45 comments

warriorcats 4 years ago

I rote a boo but it sounds like l'm copy someones idea.

Megan k 4 years ago

Im 13 yrs old and i am just bout to start my first book. Ive read millions of book and ive loved bucketloads of their beginnings. They grab u and make u want more, but now when i try to think of one, i come up with a big fat nothing. Please help?!?!?!

CharlotteMeadowz. 4 years ago

everyone who has posted on this hub as been seemingly quite young. in my opinion, wait. no need to rush things. Writing is something you should do to please yourself and enjoy.take your time, edit, make it good.

cocoa puff 4 years ago

This info helped. THX.

Me. 5 years ago

I read the article, and then read the comments, If you are thirteen or younger a tad of advice, writing a book is a fine passtime however no publishers will take you seriously. If you do finish do not try to publish right away, wait atleast until you are sixteen.

John Sarkis profile image

John Sarkis 5 years ago from Los Angeles, CA

Interesting article - helpful! thanks

jamea 5 years ago

hey i am 12 and i love to write. i have never got lower than a b+ in english and have written 2 complete books. i have one that is about a girl who is torn between two guys but i got bored and stopped. i am currently working on a book about my previous and current relationship. im hoping i actually finish this one. wish me luck!

cynthia odion 5 years ago

i am 15 years i like writing and i have a good story line but i am afraid i wont be able to finish it.what shud i do

MCR 5 years ago

I'm 13 and I try to write books, but I never know how to start them. I read a vast amount of books and love english lit. I really want to be a writer, but always lack confidence :/

IvyAndJak 5 years ago

I'm 12 and in the middle of writing a book but I'm really nervous to show people. I can't handle rejection very well.

Irock  5 years ago

I'm 11 years old and I really love to write! I have written a lot of books before, but like short ones that are boring and really have no point. I have a lot of trouble finding words that mean well for example: "you give good advice." SHE SAID. I don't know other words that mean said.can you help me? Thanks!

Booklover14 5 years ago

I am 14 and I am in the middle of writing 4 books. One of them I totally messed up on and the one I am writing now....well lets just say I hope I dont mess this one up. I usually have my friends read what I write while I am writing it I dont know if thats a bad or a good cause they keep telling me I did something wrong and it makes me feel like I cant write what they like..... the book I am writing or trying to write I havent shown my friends. I really really really need your help give me some tips or something!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ambabb06 profile image

ambabb06 5 years ago from Southern Illinois

This was a really good and informative hub. I've always wrote short stories, a few long novel type stories, and a couple of poems. Being published would be a dream come true for me.

Hoagie324 6 years ago

Nope, not yet. What books did you write again, Mrs. Rowling? xD The Harry Potter Books are my inspiration. I'm actually writing a book as we speak. I have the entire thing outlined and plotted out, and I'm currently writing the third out of twenty planned chapters. It's quite fun actually... I can imagine myself in the world I'm writing about.

JK Rolling 6 years ago

Hello! Has anyone read my books yet?

waynet profile image

waynet 6 years ago from Hull City United Kingdom Author

Cheers!.....Still writing that book lol!

leni sands profile image

leni sands 6 years ago from UK

Useful and interesting hub. Did you write that book yet?

Arina 6 years ago

thanks for the tip!

waynet profile image

waynet 6 years ago from Hull City United Kingdom Author

The best tip I can give is to write, write and write loads, don't stop until you've finished or at least you think you've finished....then edit the book.

Publishing by the traditional method takes quite some doing and it all depends on how you approach it, what I'd do though is approach publishers with a book proposal first and see what happens!

Arina 6 years ago

Plus how much money does it take to publish?

Arina 6 years ago

I'm trying to write a Horror/Suspense story. Does anyone have any tips? If so please post below .

Mizu 6 years ago

Thanks, I found thus article really helpful! I'm thriteen and written two books, the problem is I got bored of them. So hopefully now I have a new story idea and I'm willing to try it out, try harder and follow these tips. Thanks!

waynet profile image

waynet 6 years ago from Hull City United Kingdom Author

You could try it has a way of putting all of your work up there in the form of an actual book and people buy it on demand, takes a bit of setting up, but could be an option...?

future*writer 6 years ago

i m 13 really good at writing and want to go far. i have stories written i just don't have money to publish them, what should i do?

Allison 6 years ago

I'm 11 and I've already written 3 books! They should be coming out to public in a year or so...

waynet profile image

waynet 6 years ago from Hull City United Kingdom Author

Just keep writing, the more you write, the more you'll be able to edit things down, that's all I can say there.

Megan&Liz 6 years ago

Hey, i need some help. I cant find out how to make the perfect book. Aventualy i get bored with my story. Plz help, how do i keep writing? Anything will help, Megan and Liz Check out our youtube channel! ;p

Twihead 6 years ago

If you want me to read your story just put a link on here and i will proof read it! Plus i have written 2 books and am writing a third and starting a new story! Plus i AM the biggest twilight fan! =D Thx i love reading and will be happy to proof read. Best of luck, Twihead

Alison 6 years ago

I LOVE writing books! I'M twelve and I've already written 4 books each has about 400 pages! They should be brought to public in a year or so!

Kaitlyn 6 years ago

Ive already writen a book but I haven't gotten it published. I am wroking on a new book that I am hoping to make into a 6 book series. The first one will be called It Is Eternal.....

waynet profile image

waynet 6 years ago from Hull City United Kingdom Author

Try starting with what you like to write about and work from there, you'll find your writing will be better if it's something that you like to write about....hope that helps!

Cheerfull 6 years ago

im 13 and i wanna write a good book and actually become an author. I want my book to be for teenagers but i don't know what it should be about! please help for ideas!

waynet profile image

waynet 6 years ago from Hull City United Kingdom Author

Cheers now!

Writing is all ok, so long as you can write lots!

alizabeth 6 years ago

Ivw been writing for years and I finally got enough practice to start writing a novel..I'm only 16 I love writing books.

Neil Ashworth profile image

Neil Ashworth 6 years ago from United Kingdom

That's really interesting, thanks for sharing.

Maestroy. 7 years ago

When writing books on a topic,is it a good thing to get details from the net?

waynet profile image

waynet 7 years ago from Hull City United Kingdom Author

Writing only becomes boring when you can't be bothered with it, cheers now!

little girl 7 years ago

im 13 and writing a book but the more i write the more boring it gets... :(

waynet profile image

waynet 7 years ago from Hull City United Kingdom Author

Cheers Pippo!

Pippo 7 years ago

Cool. I'm 12 years old and I think i wanna be a writer, i'm not sure. I've written stories based on things i'm playing with my siblings and friends and some ideas come from movies and TV shows and stuff. Hope I follow my dream! (whatever it is...)

waynet profile image

waynet 7 years ago from Hull City United Kingdom Author

Just read and write and keep on with it, the more you do these two things then the better your writing will get!

profile image

essraseban 7 years ago

MY dream is to be a writer,but i have not tried yet,but i am not confident that i can do it .i hope some one could direct me.

waynet profile image

waynet 7 years ago from Hull City United Kingdom Author

Thanks and yes patience is important when trying to write a book, because it takes some time to write a book and inspiration needs to be stretched and flexed every now and then as writing can be constant!!

profile image

AuthorsBook 7 years ago

Excellent advice Weynet! And to PerryAnn: Great books begin with a strong command of the "writer's" language, patience, inspiration, and the LOVE of writing.

PerryAnn 7 years ago

im 11 yrs old and i am really good at writing but im too afraid that i will mess up so could i get a person to check anything......i havnt writen anything yet but i just need to know:)

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