Hurtful Pain

The pain that no one knows hurts more as it grows. The feeling that no on knows stays forever as each day goes. If only someone knew what I always went through, maybe then, I would have a friend too. A friend, confidante, anyone would do. But everyone avoids me. I don't know why but they act like they don't see me. I don't want to be alone anymore. I close my eyes in pain as the tears pour. Just then, I feel some beside me. I turn to find a boy looking at me. He holds out a tissue and waits for my tears to dry. And in a soft voice utters the words, "Don't cry". An overwhelming feeling fills my heart. It's as if my heart is bursting apart. Smiling through the tears, I whisper, "Thank you" to the boy who did what no one had managed to do.

The girl that looked so lonely everytime I saw her was finally smiling through her tears. I just wish that she would be my friend, but I guess that is just wishful thinking on my end. The next day, I wake up in my bed stretching myself to keep awake. I hear a sound coming from beside me below. I look down to see the girl who smiles and says, "Hello!"

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G-Ma Johnson profile image

G-Ma Johnson 8 years ago from NW in the land of the Free

Awww...and at last she is there to care and love is so wonderful...G-ma :O) Hugs & Peace

sminut13 profile image

sminut13 8 years ago from singapore Author

thanks so much g-ma, it's been long, actually this was done when i was still a kid:P ehehe vivid imagination grins

DREAM ON profile image

DREAM ON 6 years ago

Very nice and many smiles every day after I hope.

sminut13 profile image

sminut13 6 years ago from singapore Author

haha thanks dream on, just got that inspiration after reading a novel

DREAM ON profile image

DREAM ON 5 years ago

I love those inspirations and those will carry you on to your best works.They move you off your feet in an instant.If you don't act on them quickly they disappear like wind.I enjoyed it and love the picture of your son.You must be so proud.Keep those inspirations flowing.I often carry a pen and paper with me so at any time when a thought does strike I can write a few lines and continue more later.If not my thought vanishes.Enjoy your day.

sminut13 profile image

sminut13 5 years ago from singapore Author

i know what you mean with inspiration. hhehehe and i've lost many good chances because i didn't make good use of them when i had the chance. thanks so much as well, i was quite proud of the picture as i took it myself hehehe lol boasting a little here...;p

that's a good idea that you do, the only problem is sometimes many of my inspirations are at night when i sleep, so when i do remember, i am too lazy as it's the middle of the night and i'm still half asleep hehe but it's fine.

DREAM ON profile image

DREAM ON 5 years ago

I came back to see if I could get an inspiration from your beautiful hub.I hope if you have any tears they are always tears of joy.

sminut13 profile image

sminut13 5 years ago from singapore Author

hey there dream on, thanks so much. i hope this hub can maybe give you some inspiration, no matter how little. you are so much better at writing, your hubs are wonderful, i feel honoured to be of some help. i too hope that my ears are always tears of joy as are yours. have a great day.:)

michael_michelle1 profile image

michael_michelle1 5 years ago

i didnt get it lol

sminut13 profile image

sminut13 5 years ago from singapore Author

@michael_michelle, don't worry, you will soon.

epigramman profile image

epigramman 5 years ago

....oh my goodness I so do love this happy ending (that too) lol lol ....and you write with such charm and wit and an eye for beauty and of course what we all hope for - hope - so nice to meet you my friend - what is the weather like where you live - I am living on the doorstep of winter and 100 feet or so away from my lake which is lake erie time ontario canada 2:14am

sminut13 profile image

sminut13 5 years ago from singapore Author

@epigramman it's great to meet you too :) wow canada, that's nice, i have friends living there too though not ontario.

thanks so much for your comment. it means a lot as i know i have a long way to go in improving my writing, but it's just a hobby, a passion i do when i'm in the mood for it.

i'm on the opposite side from you, where the weather is the same the whole year round, with sunny and rainy days. the coldest it'll get is when it rains continuously as it's been doing recently, and i don't even have to wear jackets. the most is sweaters or cardigans hehe singapore is where i am:)

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