I AM is Within

I AM is Within

“They say you’re good,

I wanna see:

For 29 years I’ve known me

I’ve wasted, soared, and now I flail

Life struck but couldn’t steal my star

Now I don’t know who I’ve become

And you say, “What do you feel you are?”

I am not what I am

And I’m not what I’m not

I’m not what you say I am

Nor what I claim to be

Not what I’ve said or done

And surely not what I’ve got

I’m not how I’ve succeeded

Nor the ways that I’m weak

I’m not the trials I face

Nor the gifts that I’m given

I’m simply the man who I am

Livin’ the life that I’m livin’

I am here and I’m Now

Looking you square in the eye

Sometimes I'm reserved

But I'm surely not shy.

I am the World’s worst liar

What you get you will see.

If ya’ll like it or not

I’m still gonna be….. WE...WE….

…WE- ‘Cause I AM is within!!

I AM is alive, living inside my Soul

So I’m no work in progress


I Am an Artist, a Servant,

And I Am sometimes the King

I Am Weak and I’m Scared

But I’m Any- and Everything

I Am arming God’s Army

I’m being All, All can Be

Don't think me self centered,

But let's talk about’… WE...WE….

…WE- ‘Cause I AM is within!!

I AM is alive, living inside my Soul

So I’m no work in progress


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carolinemd21 profile image

carolinemd21 4 years ago from Close to Heaven

Great poem! Powerful words and I love the picture. It brings out the poem. Voted up.

aim4strz profile image

aim4strz 4 years ago from West Michigan Author

Thanks a lot Caroline! It helps to get constructive feedback, especially about a poem. And even more so, from as talented a writer as yourself!

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