“Son you have bitten off

Much more than you can chew

That crown is born from blood

But don’t fear- I’m within you.”

That wish cost me my life

My wounds have bled me dry

Now Christ flows through these veins



My book is HOT, soaring straight to the top

The album i've written blew the top off the charts

My movie production is stunning all misconceptions

I’ve married a model, we share everything

Our love is pure and true, we’re working on kids

Although I’m the best, she’s still my better half

We both do well; money will never be a thing

Even rich and famous wish their lives were like mine

There are many more stars, but I'm the ‘Big Shine’

All this is great, but not what it’s about

Our foundation spreads needed Love through the world

I’m teaching humanity that it can heal itself

I’m earning –illions, that start with ‘T-R’

We’ve given Health to 20 million or more

We seem omnipresent with our 6 Airforce 1's

My net worth exceeds the top 5 GDPs

I AM Global/ Social, Economic reform

I've been crowned king of the whole human race

But my castle and throne supersede time and space

You say "Bro, that's too far", but I’ve just begun.........

My body's too weak,

So the Spirit's too strong



What in this World can be 'good enough'?

What in this World is having it all?

What in this World are Fortune and Fame?

What in this World is more than I deserve?

What in this World is "out of my league?"

What in this World is granting my wishes?

What in this World are unbelievable riches?

What in this World are unscatchable itches?

What in this World is immeasurable wealth?

What in this World is first loving myself?

I’m impressed by NOTHING,

Because I’m the Heir to it ALL!!

I already have it all, but now I’m wanting more than this

I will trade my sword and spear, just to taste the perfect kiss

I'm runnin' your Creation, but serving You’s my Glory

I was born as Royalty, I'm created from Your aura

The world can't heal me, from this sweet salvation

'Cause I’ve become a better man, I’m now a new creation

Daddy, I’m the big dog, I got more than my share of crumbs

But I would trade back everything, to be a Prince in Kingdom Come

I had nothing yesterday, then I asked for everything

Now You gave me everything, I’m dreaming for a bigger ring

But even if I got my bigger ring, would I finally be the Man?

Can I find elusive happiness, until I'm in your Glory Land?....

I'm on my throne at Your... Left.... Hand?

Everything is HOW....WE....PLANNED!!

......Then the next thorn pierces my flesh,

and I'm back here Today

Back when all I have is Faith........

My body's too weak,

So the Spirit's too strong


(in process of living: I CANNOT ESCAPE MY DREAM pt.3)

"I think I'm a bit of a dreamer. I don't like the reality of life to impinge much on my life."

-Hugo Weaving

"Be a dreamer. If you don't know how to dream, you're dead."

-Jim Valvano

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