I Have A Garden In My Head (and it's mine)

I have a garden in my head
With emotions that need to be pruned
There’s a memory for everything
But I need to make more room

I got to tell you something
And it’s about my life
It’s changed like I never knew
But it’s something I like

I don’t have the dread
And I know what to do
I get up every day
With what I’ve been through

A doctor told me some news
But I shrugged it out of view
I’m not supposed to worry
Maybe God will see me through

I wonder about him a lot
And what he thinks of me
Everybody has their opinion
About their own personal deity

I was walking in the mall
And a pretty girl tried to sell me
She said, “Take it, take it!”
But I told her, “Nothings free”

It wasn’t so much that I said no
But that I didn’t lose my train of thought
When a smile shines so bright
Sometimes you can easily be bought

How can I wander amongst the minstrels
And the ladies in waiting to capture my heart
When I no longer live in their world
And cannot play the expected part?

There’s something I got to tell you
I’m tired of being miscast
The person you thought you knew
Hs become a stranger to his past

If you want to talk
Then let me know
But don’t bring your desire
Because I let mine go

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Comments 8 comments

rahul0324 profile image

rahul0324 4 years ago from Gurgaon, India

Great poem :)

nightsun profile image

nightsun 4 years ago from northern california

very nice..what's behind those thoughts?

mckbirdbks profile image

mckbirdbks 4 years ago from Emerald Wells, Just off the crossroads,Texas

Succinct words to describe the feeling of being lost; of being out of place; and the fighting the tide that sent you adrift.

WannaB Writer profile image

WannaB Writer 4 years ago from Templeton, CA

I rather feel that way myself since I moved here. It's an entirely different life than we expected to have before we moved here. Many of our friends don't understand what we've become. Sometimes I don't either.

The Suburban Poet profile image

The Suburban Poet 4 years ago from Austin, Texas Author

@Rahul - Thanks again!

@nightsun - A few things; I had a doctor tell me my PSA rose slightly on a prostate check; he said come back in six months... so... I was thinking about that and other things.

@mckbirdbks - Thank you for commenting. At times it could be about being adrift but also being comfortable with being adrift or maybe not being a part of the mob.

@WannaB - Thank you for commenting. I'm not sure my friends understand me but I think they admire that I'm doing something that I love.

nightsun profile image

nightsun 4 years ago from northern california

I hope you are well...

The Suburban Poet profile image

The Suburban Poet 4 years ago from Austin, Texas Author

Thanks... Just have to get used to these things when you get older. No alarm yet. But the clock is ticking.

raciniwa profile image

raciniwa 4 years ago from Naga City, Cebu

hmn...where does it go?

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