I Am The King Of Un-Think Kingdom,

King of the un-thinkingdom!



My closed mind
is like unto a
dusty bible
in the home of
an atheist.

I am the
king of the procrastinators
all my pages stand before me

bent and humbled
with no message to deliver.

Only blank looks
on their pale white faces
and all my subjects
have deserted me.

The prints will not
inherit my wit,
my knights have fallen
with the setting sons,
they all left me a dragon
with no slain beast
on which to feast.

I am crowned

with befuddlement
and it's empty sockets
hold no jewels,
no pearls of wisdom,
in the unthinkingdom
over which I dwell.

Thus with no

declarations to pass
I sit dethroned
in the blockade
of my own mind.

A master of words
stuck in an
abbreviated rule.

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