It was our magic time. In any day there are 1440 minutes. But only two of them each day are represented with four identical numbers ~ 11:11. They are magic minutes.

Every time either of us happened to glance at a clock which said 11:11, we'd feel impelled to go find and tell the other: "It's eleven-eleven!" and, together, we'd bask in its magic! We considered It a good omen. Of course it would be lost if we deliberately watched for it. It had to be coincidental to be magic; was OK to run around and check all the other clocks as soon as we'd happened to see it on one!

No magic would be lost then.

This morning, I looked up at the den's atomic clock and it was eleven-eleven. That happens from time to time, and each time I am both lifted and reminded, feeling his closeness and missing it simulataneously.

Of course - I sensed the magic this morning.

I could surely

Turn my thoughts to you, my dear,

Were they not already there.

I could surely

Feel your presence too;

Its warm and heady air

Enfolding me,

As in every other moment

When you were really here.

______© Nellieanna H. Hay

I know


You do exist!

I can't resist you!

You are a miracle


~ You.

______© Nellieanna H. Hay

The Dawn

There's magic in it,

Everywhere -

Glass-surfaced lake

And softened dawn-

The rocking of a gentle wake,

The hum of dreams

Too sweet to bring the song

To life.

______© Nellieanna H. Hay

Dawn Again

He slept

And I lay quietly besides him,


And still remembering,

Quietly I slept.

He stirred

And I lay quietly near him,


And still longing,

Quietly I stirred.

He rose

And I lay quietly without him,


And still sighing,

Quietly I rose.

He smiled

And I stay quietly around him,


And still glowing,

Quietly I smile.

______© Nellieanna H. Hay


I am certain

That wherever the two of us shall meet

If only in my thought

The cosmic switchboard

Of prime times

Lights up

As celestial chimes

Are sounded!

______© Nellieanna H. Hay

My sweet ~

The fireworks of the fourth occurred

A month too late

This year.

But - wait ~

______© Nellieanna H. Hay

a postscript ~

OH my! It's now August 30th - and I just glanced at my den clock and it was 11:11!! I'm almost spooked! But happy about it!

This is a few days after I published this hub on August 26th and I was not looking for a recurrence! It's exciting!

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rebekahELLE profile image

rebekahELLE 5 years ago from Tampa Bay

simply exquisite. thank you so much for sharing such beautiful, intimate work here at HP. I am so touched.

Nellieanna profile image

Nellieanna 5 years ago from TEXAS Author

Thank you, RebekahELLe. What a lovely comment! I'm delighted that you came by and became the first to do so!

profile image

rmjudkins 5 years ago

Nellieanna, thanks for sharing your poetry of the poetess expressing sentiments of longing for her lover, yet ever feeling his presence in verse. Beautiful expression. Regards, Robert

rebekahELLE profile image

rebekahELLE 5 years ago from Tampa Bay

my pleasure, Nellieanna. it's getting a tweet at 11:11/ xo

A.A. Zavala profile image

A.A. Zavala 5 years ago from Texas

The poem "Dawn Again" aches with longing. You can be so close to someone, yet still be so far away. You can lay close enough to them to feel their heartbeat, but not have it or cause it to stir. Beautiful...

saddlerider1 profile image

saddlerider1 5 years ago

As always my dearest Nellieanna Hay you blossom forth and your petals open up to enrapture us with your sweet tender silky verse. Love glows in your face, I can see it as you type on your magical keys.

Your in heaven as his love wraps around you and folds you close to his bosom and he loves you back. Simply beautiful, I loved every verse and these words caught my soul.

"That fullest dawn with you

Becomes the sweeter dream,

While distantly

Your closeness

Haunts this softened dawn."

Exquisitely beautiful......hugs from me to you..BTW the Fisher videos brought tears to my eyes... I shared this in my Vincent Moore FB page, I want as many of my friends to read this and feel what I felt.

Rosemay50 profile image

Rosemay50 5 years ago from Hawkes Bay - NewZealand

Beautiful Nellieanna, I enjoyed it all but I particulary like 'Dawn Again', so much so that I read it several times over. Lovely choice of music

Thank you for sharing

Nellieanna profile image

Nellieanna 5 years ago from TEXAS Author

How dear of you to return again, RebekahELLe! Thank you! :-)

Nellieanna profile image

Nellieanna 5 years ago from TEXAS Author

Robert - You describe it so well. A poet has such a privilege and advantage! In poetry feelings and experiences are so much more immediate and closer to my heart any time I read them again - than any mere prose description would be. Thank you!

Nellieanna profile image

Nellieanna 5 years ago from TEXAS Author

Augustine, yes - one can be close, yet far away, as most of us have experienced in our lives. In this case, though, he's left the Earth, so that those feelings one has when the beloved is away are now with the knowledge that really is far away out of reach. But that makes sensing his heartbeat and closeness all the more precious.

Thank you for those heartfelt words, my friend.

Nellieanna profile image

Nellieanna 5 years ago from TEXAS Author

Ken - Thank you. As you discern, there is much love in these verses. Those lines you mention were written to my beloved when we were actually in that setting and they expressed my feelings about it all so well. They still seem "right now", strangely. All of them do.

Those Fisher videos just sweep me away! And to me, they're so interrelated that I couldn't use just one; - they're all so fitting and they tell a story. Thanks for mentioning this on your Vincent Moore page. You are so generous!

Nellieanna profile image

Nellieanna 5 years ago from TEXAS Author

Rosemay - I'm so pleased that you came and enjoyed it, included the music. I love that too. It's my pleasure to share. Hugs.

profile image

Sunnie Day 5 years ago

Beautiful Nellie,

Soft and sweet the way your words flow onto the paper.I am so happy you had this moment, feeling your love's presence..what a gift..I do think there are what I call divine moments..unexplainable but real. Thank you Nellie,


Nellieanna profile image

Nellieanna 5 years ago from TEXAS Author

Yes, dear Sunnie with the name that fits you so well! Thank you!!

I've nearly continuous sweet moments, but of varying intensity, spacing & duration. I had them even before he died, though. :-)

Specific things like the 11:11 on the clock really bring about special ones. But even tiny incidents, like remembering the way he mixed his favorite chocolate milk! He "practiced" his golf swing and fishing cast in the yard. He was often polishing a piece of driftwood, or working on his inventions (or the patent application). The twinkle in his eye when he looked at me is always lovely to revisit.

Oh, I don't go around focused on those things, - but there are those "moments" which enrich my life frequently and they feel divine and lift me out of the mundane.

50 Caliber profile image

50 Caliber 5 years ago from Arizona

Nellieanna, this "WoWed" me, so sweet and touching and the music a bonus to hear as I read through it a few times, you are truly gifted with the ability to crack the hard shell on anyone's hard heart if they would just drop their walls and open their minds to the possibilities that they might enjoy. No one would know and think them weak they could get touched in silent read.

If I've learned anything on my times here at the pages it is from you that walls were meant to be torn down and a sparkle added back to ones eye, that there is in fact, reason to smile and many people to love, dropping all hate.

I thank you for that and wish you all the best,


JamaGenee profile image

JamaGenee 5 years ago from Central Oklahoma

Another exquisite contribution from our own Nellieanna. "Beautiful" is totally inadequate to describe the feelings and images your poetry calls forth. ;D

Nellieanna profile image

Nellieanna 5 years ago from TEXAS Author

Dusty - This is surely the most meaningful and gratifying comment I've ever received! To have a part in freeing someone from any kind of shell or armor which life may have imposed is really beyond hope or expectations. And I know this sense of release you describe is your own doing, - the results of your thinking and pondering life, but if I've had any input in it, my being here is rewarded. WOW, indeed!

Yep, - those kinds of walls don't just shut others out - but also shut oneself in. Their main effect is imprisoning - both directions. But if someone feels a need for one - it's a valid defense and not a trivial thing. Walls can only come down when the person in them feels it's safe. There are all kinds and thicknesses of those walls. But they all serve a similar purpose for the one inside.

"Safe" emotionally is quite a place, too! So precious and so much the foundation of other positive energy. I admit I haven't always felt it. Somehow, though, the sense of being safe grew within when it wasn't at all safe in the bigger arena. I guess it was simply my only option if I were to survive as a whole person. I've mentioned before that my hero back then was "The Birdman Of Alcatraz": - the way he preserved himself even in solitary confinement which would have destroyed him otherwise.

Then, If I'd been able to see a way to expand it and cut through into that closed arena, I'd have tried. It's amazing how thick and menacing the wall can be when it's been building a long time, as my ex's had been.

But it did teach me that each person will build his or her own fortress, keeping whatever it is "out", if safety hasn't yet arisen from within. And nothing or no one can penetrate it until the person feels it's OK. Knowing we are accepted certainly helps, though - if that feels true inside. Some degrees o self-doubt can't believe it even if it's sincere. Also, there are times what people say about their caring doesn't 'line up' with what they demonstrate. We're all like children and puppy dogs when that happens. We 'hear' with our hearts. So red flags go up automatically when words don't ring true so we just can't 'buy it', even if we don't know exactly why or what's amiss.

And really - sometimes those discrepancies between people's words and actions are just part of the other person's own insecurity and have very little to do with us. But we know, anyway. But there's nothing quite like it, when the words and actions "match" so they put sparkles back into our eyes! :-) Thank you for letting me know that, Dusty. I value it highly.

Hate is such a sad thing. And it's too often a reflection of oneself rather than a picture of the 'other'.

Ah - well. you and I could write a hub about all this! Better still - you could! :-)

Hugs and thank you for a heart-felt comment and one that is heart-warming for me!

Nellieanna profile image

Nellieanna 5 years ago from TEXAS Author

Jama - thank you for those lovely compliments! I feel your appreciation, dear friend - and it feels good! You're so sweet to come and let me know! Hugs.

VioletSun profile image

VioletSun 5 years ago from Oregon/ Name: Marie

Wow, I am at loss for words. You are not only a gifted poet but artist as well! The 11:11 is indeed rumored to be a magical number, an angelic message. Books have been written about these numbers so won't get into details here, but it's fun to think of them as messages, this is indeed a magical world! :)

Voted up and beaufitul!

Nellieanna profile image

Nellieanna 5 years ago from TEXAS Author

VioletSun! I'm delighted with your comments. Thank you!

I wasn't aware that anyone else regarded 11:11 as magic too! I tend to think that whatever we attach with our awe and love becomes magic and a magical world/universe! :-> Each of us IS a universe, in fact.

I lay awake a bit last night (unusual - I am usually out like a light bulb!) thinking of my beautiful mother and others who are gone. I've for a long time outlived all my native family but one, who is 'out of it'. So their memories are very vivid to me, as well as most of my early-life friends.

BenWritings profile image

BenWritings 5 years ago from Save me from, Tennessee

Absolutely LOVELY, Nellie. You have always been my favorite poetess, so full of life, talent, vision, and kindness. My favorite poem was "Dawn Again" was just amazing.

You always put out such beautiful, inspiring work. Thanks for being there for me Nellie :]


BenWritings profile image

BenWritings 5 years ago from Save me from, Tennessee

Oh, and I always see 11:11 as significant. I make a wish most the time.

Nellieanna profile image

Nellieanna 5 years ago from TEXAS Author

Ben - ! Ah. Thank you, my dear. Such kind praise. Hugs. And I'm amazed that you also see 11:11 as significant. I had no idea anyone but my George & I did!

By the way - I am in the midst of a most wonderful experience. My beloved stepson, Michael, is hosting/DJ-ing a local FM radio show and I'm listening to it on my computer! It's wonderful - and he even mentioned me a couple of times! It's at - 5:00-7:00 Pm CST (my time -it's mountain time there, of course) - today - Sat. Aug. 27. I hope it becomes a regular event!

mckbirdbks profile image

mckbirdbks 5 years ago from Emerald Wells, Just off the crossroads,Texas

Reading your Hub brings to mind a stroll in a well manicured English garden. There is just the right fragrance in the air a hint of lilacs and lavender. A bit magical as it were.

drbj profile image

drbj 5 years ago from south Florida

These poems are some of your best, Nellieanna - sensitive, sweet, mystical, magical and heartfelt. You do have the talent, m'dear.

Nellieanna profile image

Nellieanna 5 years ago from TEXAS Author

Mike - what a poignant metaphor or analogy. The hint of lilac or lavender fragrance is such an English touch, though my mental English garden is rife with rhododendron and daisies too. My memories of visits to some English gardens were of both their ethereal delicacy and an almost savage devotion to the act and art of gardening going into them. Seemed like every petal of each flower had been cultivated and pampered and then allowed to do its profuse "thing" without interference or bridling. Each garden had its own personality and claimed its own domain. It's almost like a sacrament even now, many years later, to revisit them in my mind.

So I thank you for reminding me but especially for visiting my hub!

Nellieanna profile image

Nellieanna 5 years ago from TEXAS Author

DRBJ - thank you! If these are best, maybe it's because they were written in a most joyous period of my life - with my George - so they express and reflect it. A life always has its individual aura, but there are various influences and responses, I think, which show through more at some periods - and of course, age has its influence! :-)

I appreciate your encouragement ! Hugs.

MartieCoetser profile image

MartieCoetser 5 years ago from South Africa

The appeasing effect of a memory of one magical moment of perfect harmony is precious. Good memories always tranquillize and delight.

My son was born on the 1st day of the 1st month at 11 minutes after 11am = 1/1 11:11. I’ve never look at these numbers in this way. He is certainly Number One in my life. Although we see each other only 4-5 times per year, we have a telepathic connection. We just know exactly when the other one needs moral support via a telephone call.

As always, Nellieanne, a visit in your cozy, arty corner was absolutely delightful. Love you!

christopheranton profile image

christopheranton 5 years ago from Gillingham Kent. United Kingdom

I like the idea of 11:11. A special time indeed.

Thank you Nellieanna for brightening my day.

Long may you reign.

Nellieanna profile image

Nellieanna 5 years ago from TEXAS Author

Martie, - dear Martie. Thank you for lovely comments about my hub - and thank you for sharing the numbers of your son's birth moment.

That is amazing, for them to be all the same numbers in each part of the date and time! It's rare! And when it's also so personal like it is with your son's birth - it just has a mystical kind of significance. Fascinating! No wonder there is such a connection between the two of you. And knowing you, you're attuned to your children anyway - so that is an extra-special connection with him!

I'm intrigued. Wonder what the odds of that happening are! Well, there's only one year ending in 11 in every century and several line-ups of 1's in each month and on each clock occurring in each of those every-100 years. Like 11:11, it is a natural occurrence but the odds of them lining up decrease with the more occurrences of 1s which get involved. The 11th day of the 11th month in a year ending with 11 and at 11:11 would be rare - only one in each century! haha.

Then just think how amazing it would be If we had birth records for the year 1111 AD! (Did 1111 BC use the same clock or months of the year? I don't think so.)

Who might have been born on (11/11/1111 - 11:11) November 11, 1111 at 11:11 o'clock!? (Even Google doesn't seem to have that information! hehe.) Give'em time. ;->

That number lineup, 11/11/1111 - 11:11, occurred twice that day in 1111AD, @ both AM and PM. But It is still a momentous bit of trivia, since that sequence with that many of the same number actually happened only those two times in all of measured time - unless there was such a thing in 1111 BC as 11/11/1111 BC @ 11:11!) There were two January 1st that year too, but only two of those in all time, also a great rarity. (1/1/1111 - 11:11)

Maybe I'll notice one of the 11:11s this November 11th, 2011. But even if I do, it's still an everyday kind of occurrence compared to your son's birth! And compared to those lineups of numbers in 1111 AD - wow - no comparison! hehe

Hugs, dear Martie.

Nellieanna profile image

Nellieanna 5 years ago from TEXAS Author

Now my head is reeling! haha. But I see Google advertizes for researchers. Maybe a second-life career for me! With the price of utilities, I might be forced into it!

Hope I'm not upsetting my cozy corner with all this nonsense! :-) I am a bit of an iconoclast, as always. :-D

Nellieanna profile image

Nellieanna 5 years ago from TEXAS Author

Christopher - and thank you for brightening mine! Have fun with 11:11. It's the only lineup of 4 identical numbers in the clock, unless its a 24-hour clock, then one would have 22:22. But that would never correspond to a calendar set of numbers. There are only 5 lineups of 3 identical numbers on the clock: 1:11, 2:22, 3:33, 4:44, & 5:55 - and they could lineup with calendar identical numbers, each having one such mate per century. It's a fairly closed system! :-) tee hee. . . .

Wayne Brown profile image

Wayne Brown 5 years ago from Texas

What a beautiful and awesome collection of emotions that paint a vibrant picture of love, undying love for another. As I read the early verses of this piece, I was reminded of some scenes from the movie, "On Golden Pond" in which the tranquility of the world was so apparent and so signaled by the calling of the loon. In later verses, I had that sense of days long past when I listened intently to Rod McKuen talk of love and its seasons and how quickly it all changes. This was really special are a doll! WB

Nellieanna profile image

Nellieanna 5 years ago from TEXAS Author

Dear Wayne - thank you! I love "On Golden Pond" - and also "The Notebook", both telling of mature love , and how it came to be and to endure and both full of symbolism like that loon. Rod McKuen is an all-time favorite of mine, too. Thank you for these lovely comparisons! I'm honored by your comments - and your visit

Hello, hello, profile image

Hello, hello, 5 years ago from London, UK

Oh, this is so brilliant and only you could such beauties. Thank you for the lovely time you gave me rading it.

Nellieanna profile image

Nellieanna 5 years ago from TEXAS Author

Hello, hello - you always make it so very valuable and precious to me with your visits and appreciative comments! Hugs.

Did you notice the postscript - I happened to catch 11:11 this morning on the den clock!

Nell Rose profile image

Nell Rose 5 years ago from England

Hi, Nellieanna, beautiful as always, and why do you always manage to make me cry? lol you have that something, I have no idea what to call it, but not many people have it, a step above the rest, lovely words and amazing music, I must find out more about the singer. I did smile when I read your first paragraph about 11.11. My friend who I grew up with, I lost her last year, we always knew when it was 10 to 10! morning or evening! she would say, when we were out at the pub or club, 'what time is it?' and it was always 10.10! lovely poems as always, I read them twice!

Nellieanna profile image

Nellieanna 5 years ago from TEXAS Author

Oh, Nell - thank you! I'm thinking that any crying they bring forth is from a burst of feeling - something personal they stir, perhaps. I guess it's just that the poetry is about things we share in our experiences.

That is so interesting about your friend knowing when it was 10 to 10! It's almost spooky when something like that happens. We must have a sort of inner clock. If I intend to wake up at a certain time, even if I don't set the alarm, I wake up then. I often wake up before the alarm if I've set it. I used to think maybe it was because the clock sort of clicked before going off but for a long time now, I've used the alarm in my iPhone and it doesn't do that; - but I still awaken before it goes off most of the time.

I'm so pleased you came by and read these! Hugs.

attemptedhumour profile image

attemptedhumour 5 years ago from Australia

Hi Nellie, your poems are always short with words but long on meaning. That darned 11-11 catches us far too often. I'm an old sceptic from way back, but my wife looks deeper into those four didgets. 11-10 or 11-12 go by unnoticed, but then they aren't magical are they?:)

profile image

Sunnie Day 5 years ago

Morning Nellie...just couldn't resist sending this to you this morning..

Nellieanna profile image

Nellieanna 5 years ago from TEXAS Author

Oh Sunnie - now look what you've gone and done. My mascara is running down my cheeks. :-)

That is incredibly beautiful and I can imagine how Mother would love it. She loved the old-style real cowboy singing, which was ever so slow and soothing, so as to quieten the cattle on long cross-country drives, you know. She'd have loved Alan Jackson's version of her favorite hymn. We had it sung at her funeral by one of her friends. She died January 11, 1974 in San Angelo, at 82. But she went the way she lived - full speed and stll bright and sassy. I've never felt she was far away from me. I was her "nest egg" and I think she's mine.

Thank you for thinking of this and for not resisting sending it along! It made my morning!! Hugs.

Nellieanna profile image

Nellieanna 5 years ago from TEXAS Author

Keith - Yes - that's the way they pour out of me, short and sweet - and, I think, usually packed with message. Thank you for that compliment!

hehe- the 11:11 phenomenon isn't really too far-out, you know. It's a reality on the clock. The only mystical part of this is in just happening to see it.

We're talking about brief occurrences. They're only within a 60-second window twice in an entire day. What that is, is a mere 120 seconds out of the full 2,073,600 seconds which click by in a day!!

What do you suppose the odds of it just happening to be noticed really are? Akin to the odds of winning the lottery, right? :-) Remember it has to be happenstance to count as magic. Of course - if one tried to catch it - it would improve the odds. But even then, that brief window of 60 seconds could easily get swallowed up in one's busy day unless one set the alarm for it, which would render it out of the running!

Nope, your wife and I definitely are onto something here. It is magical but also - it's practical - a statistically supported bit of magic! In fact, happening to see 11:10 or 11:12 - (if they were the chosen 60 second intervals) - would also be magical. They just are other minutes, not the chosen ones and they don't have 4 identical 1s! (grinning an evil grin here)

Erin LeFey profile image

Erin LeFey 5 years ago from Maryland

Nellieanna, your poetry touches my heart in ways no one else's ever will. This love so pure and real, true in life and forever in spirit - and you can write about it with such a talent that I can almost feel that I am part of it. I thank you so much for that. I've never had a love like this nor been close, but I know now what love can grow into if I find the right one and allow myself to love fully. I do believe and have faith - you will never know how much reading your heartfelt, genuine, and open trusting writing straight from the heart has helped heal mine. Love and Hugs, Erin

Nellieanna profile image

Nellieanna 5 years ago from TEXAS Author

Dearest Erin - that is so sweet, it brings a lump to my throat. I wasn't sure of finding it, either, till it happened. It is truly possible. I feel sure it will happen for you. Hugs and thank you for that heartfelt comment.

Erin LeFey profile image

Erin LeFey 5 years ago from Maryland

I believe that it can...and I'm open to it. That's half of it right there, isn't it? :) love and hugs.

mariefontaine profile image

mariefontaine 5 years ago from Indianapolis, Indiana

What an incredibly beautiful collection of love poetry... my heart is so softened and my spirit so peaceful after reading this. My husband and I have that special moment as well... 4:13AM... before we met... we both had several pieces of poetry in our collection that spoke of it being 413AM and being unable to sleep because we could feel that faceless entity representing love touching us from somewhere unknown. Poetry is so beautiful is it not?

Nellieanna profile image

Nellieanna 5 years ago from TEXAS Author

Oh, yes, Erin! I think that openness tends to attract its expectations, or their likelihood. Contrariwise, closedness and distrust repel.

This isn't like a fixed formula; it's more like being the right kind of soil for roses if roses are what is wanted and planted.

The open attitude makes it a better experience whatever happens. Someone as lovely and pleasant as you - well - - of course it can happen!

Nellieanna profile image

Nellieanna 5 years ago from TEXAS Author

Marie, thank you! How pleased I am that you enjoyed and felt akin to this. Your and your husband's special time is same kind of magical link! Yes - poetry can express all emotions and love, especially!

profile image

SilverGenes 5 years ago

There is always magic in your writing. This time you reminded me of some very special moments at 11:11 - moments I have shared with my daughter. The poetry is absolutely lovely! Dawn Again speaks to me above all. There is nothing quite like that glow :)

Nellieanna profile image

Nellieanna 5 years ago from TEXAS Author

What a pleasure to see you!! Thank you for coming by! And that's amazing that you and your daughter shared a similar 11:11 experience, Alexandra! Such a coincidence! - Magic. . .

Yes - that glow - - nothing like it!! :-)

Erin LeFey profile image

Erin LeFey 5 years ago from Maryland


I was talking to my very best friend in the world today. We've been childhood friends and best buddies now for 38 years...she's probably one of the only people who can make me laugh so hard I fall on the floor and literally can't breathe. We ended our call this morning at precisely 11:11, I smiled and instantly thought of you.

I've been seeing more butterflies this week too - I think that magic is beginning to come back into my life and my downhill streak just may be starting to go back up :) Hugs and stuff :)

Nellieanna profile image

Nellieanna 5 years ago from TEXAS Author

Ah, Erin! How wonderful to be able to talk to your oldest and bestest friend in the world. One disadvantage of being so healthy, positive-minded and active for my years is outliving most of my friends and family, physically &/or mentally. The one sister and the one dear friend hanging on are both suffering dementia in some stage or the other. sigh. My best friend from childhood and on passed away a few years ago, suffering from Alzheimer's. When her husband called me so she could talk to me shortly before that, she didn't recognize my voice. My best friend from Jr. High days & on is so paranoid, she has her door bolted and won't answer it - or the phone. Her husband sneaked a call to me to ask me to try to get through to her without letting her know he'd asked me to, and I did try but to no avail. I'd tried many times before unsuccessfully, but that time was really incredible. She had gadgets on the door so no one could even knock and a device to call in but it was not operable. We'd stayed friend over the years but she became more and more negative till I guess it just overcame her.

My one surviving sister is in managed care and so 'out of it' that when I last called her to wish her happy birthday, she was vague and talked as she would a total stranger.

I'm sure I needn't tell you to treasure those connections while you have them and to stay "up" both for their sake and yours. The fact is, - being "up" is mostly a do-it-oneself thing, at every stage of one's life, a choice, almost.

I'm pleased that your "up-level" is on the rise. I've no doubt that you're giving it the best pushes. When open to it - the magic comes. Or maybe it's that we see it more clearly! It's probably always all around us.

I love the image of you and your friend talking and laughing together and then happening to end the call at precisely 11:11! wow! Thanks for remembering me then in that special moment and sharing it with me! It really cheers my morning!! I saw 11:11 last night just before I started up to bed! I wasn't looking for it - but there it was! wow! Hugs!

Scarface1300 profile image

Scarface1300 5 years ago

Beautiful series of loveliness... Thank you for sharing your heart with us

Nellieanna profile image

Nellieanna 5 years ago from TEXAS Author

Yes it is my heart, as you see.

Scarface, I thank you! I didn't know you so I took a side trip to your site to see who your are. I can only say that I am truly impressed with your poetry, judging from the one I had time to read, "Too Late Do I See". What a masterful piece! I plan to return to read more!

So thank you for appreciating my such a different writing style to yours.

Erin LeFey profile image

Erin LeFey 5 years ago from Maryland

Nellieanna, thank you so much for writing all you did about friends and sisters and getting older - I know it will help me to cherish these times more. We're all just now (30's 40's and my oldest sister is 50) getting to a place where we are noticing the signs of growing older and slowing down. Some of us a lot more than others. We are enjoying these times to get together (most of my friends are 43 like me) and we're not so wild like we used to be, but we laugh and laugh like there is no tomorrow.

You have definitely transferred some of your 11:11 magic to me and I thank you for that, I needed some hope in these difficult days I'm having right now.

I was deep in sleep this morning when my alarm when off. My alarm is on my cell phone and the theme I chose a long time ago is called "Crossing Over". In my sleep, I dreamed I turned my alarm off, but I looked at it and its said it was 11:11. My thoughts instantlly turned to you and I hoping for a resolution to many things before I go on vacation next week. Here's to magic! hugs!

Nellieanna profile image

Nellieanna 5 years ago from TEXAS Author

Erin, oh yes - all those relationship and life issues are worth sharing and discussing and sometimes they're needed, sometimes very much needed. Lovely thing about HP is there are many opportunities to avail of good insights about them.

I've happened upon several really nice hubs about sister and general relationships and about getting older which you might enjoy, if you've not already read them. They're great examples of what I referred to above:

I love that about your dream about 11:11. I can't tell you how many times this week I've happened upon 11:11 on various clocks around the house. It's uncanny.

I hope your vacation is wonderful!! Probably the resolution to those many "things" is gestating in your own thoughts and awareness.

Erin LeFey profile image

Erin LeFey 5 years ago from Maryland

thanks so much for the links, I will definitely check them out.

I'm going to Sedona, AZ for vacation; I can't think of a better place for find some healing :)

Take care, my friend. hugs.

Nellieanna profile image

Nellieanna 5 years ago from TEXAS Author

Ah, yes, Erin. I lived in Arizona a year in the mid 60s and we drove through the route on which Sedona is located on our way to see the Grand Canyon. The scenery is amazing. Then is was just a sleepy little place where a handful of artists lived and did their work. I think it's grown more commercial but there is no way to spoil what nature has given it! I'm sure you'll thoroughly soak it up and enjoyit!

moneycop profile image

moneycop 5 years ago from JABALPUR

vow...amazed about your writings sweet n beautyfull...the thing is when u write dont think of any thing else

Nellieanna profile image

Nellieanna 5 years ago from TEXAS Author

I just peeked at your hubsite and I realize that you and I both care about taking time to be aware of he beauty around us and really being "IN" it. Thank you for the visit and lovely comment!

Lucky Cats profile image

Lucky Cats 5 years ago from The beautiful Napa Valley, California

Hi Nellieanna! This is the first of you r hubs I've read and, I have to tell is, indeed, eerie, uncanny and wild! I consider any combination of 1's as my 'lucky number(s). I have felt this way forever; I cannot say when i first began to recognize the fact that, when the combination of 1's appears in my 'world,' good things are soon to come. And, YES, it happens so otten - no matter what part of the country I am in at the moment; no matter if I am active, idle, driving, working; I 'automatically' and magically look at the clock...any clock...and see variations of combinations of the # 1. I wrote two poems here on HP's about it...Lucky Numbers and Lucky Numbers Redux...and, now...the first I've every read by THIS ONE!!! How cool! Love the beautiful poetry and images together with the lucky, lucky #'s! Kathy

Nellieanna profile image

Nellieanna 5 years ago from TEXAS Author

Kathy- thank you! And now I'm caught up in the uncanny coincidence of your happening on my 11:11 hub as the 1st (FIRST!) of my hubs you've read, when your experience is so rife with combinations of 1!! That IS uncanny!

Since I wrote this hub, I just keep happening to see 11:11 on the clock so often. I notice other combinations of 1, too, of course, but the real magic for me is In 11:11. When I'm least expecting it - there it will be! I love it!

I must find and read your hubs about Lucky Numbers and Lucky Numbers Redux. I don't really consider myself a 'numbers' person but I am delighted with fascinating coincidences, especially with pleasant connections! Thank you so much!

kallini2010 profile image

kallini2010 5 years ago from Toronto, Canada

Oh, my goodness, Nellieanna, how many comments. It could have taken me all that time from the first 11:11 to the second 11:11 in the day.

I came to visit and, of course, when I glanced at the list, my first impulse was to go for 11:11.

I remembered. It is magic. I was spooked the same way when I wrote hub for and about Augustine and one of the themes there was "The Hedgehog and the Fog" - I wanted to finish it as quickly as possible before August ended and frankly I did not have much time. So, I just sat and committed myself to work. I published the hub at 5 a.m., finally left the room, went to look out of the window and there it was...

the FOG... so thick... it happened for the second time this year - first on April 27th, then on August 27th. I even found the pictures of it later on the internet and included them as well.

It is so nice to believe in magic, isn't it? And, yes, it is true, if you will be looking for it and stalk the clock - it is not magic, it is manipulation.

I believe in magic. MAGIC.

Nellieanna profile image

Nellieanna 5 years ago from TEXAS Author

Svetlana! What delightful comments you have written! YES! Life itself is MAGIC~ How unlikely is it otherwise, really? Or - maybe the opposite. It's totally likely - but magic all the same.

I love that about the fog! There's something so mystical about fog. I'm involved in another project concerning my ranch in far southwest Texas, where rain is always scarce, so fog is, as well. Humidity is very low. But in my online research, I got into information about ranches in the vicinity, one of which featured a gorgeous slide-show of the scenery, and in some of the photos - - DENSE FOG! I was just astonished and it gave me a sense of magic. The person who prepared the photos and slide show obviously had the artist's eye. It was all lovely.

Thank you for the visit and good imagery you brought along with you! Hugs.

Cantuhearmescream profile image

Cantuhearmescream 3 years ago from New York


I hope you find some joy in revisting this page, but I'm guessing you might even in the absence of of new comments, as this is so very touching and must be quite special to you, particularly. This is so beautiful, from the first word to the last. Your fond memories and descriptions, your love, your loss. The music certainly made it hard to fight back the tears and I would guess these songs are very special to you. You are such a wondrous lady that even in the sorrowful moments, you have a shine about you and I can't help that your love was so fulfilling, that even is his absence, you have an overflow of his love.

I don't know where my father had gotten it from, but he had brought the 11:11 magic into my life... certainly not in the magical way you shared it, but magical nonetheless. My father always told me to make a wish at 11:11, but as you said, never go searching.... only when it happens upon you. I've been doing this since childhood and I still do it today, in fact, I think I finally decided upon this hub at 11:11. I always find myself with so many things to wish for and they are never selfish wishes, but always wishes for someone else and I can never decide which to choose. So I have a method to my quirky madness. At the moment I realize it is 11:11, on those special ocassions, I begin to make the most important, selfless wish that I can think of, immediately followed by another and another, in that order, until it becomes 11:12. I make sure to get in the most important in the beginning, because I have convinced myself that if ever in the middle of a wish, as the time changes, that wish, will not come true. That's usually when I start wishing for myself... maybe I ought to reconsider that portion :-)

Nellieanna, not only are you spunky and funny and sweet and charming and intelligent and witty, but you have a beautiful soul and it shows through in the lines you write. This was a pleasure to read and you are a pleasure to have met!

In admiration,

Cat... oh and up and a handful of blue buttons :-)

Nellieanna profile image

Nellieanna 3 years ago from TEXAS Author

Yes, Cat, this one is one of several of my hubs which focus on or dance around and with the sweet memory of my George and all the many moments we shared which gave us joy and delight. Not all of them were 'big' things. Not all were even 'whoo-hoo' things. Even some more 'down' things, shared as we did with love, are beautiful to recall.

I hadn't returned here in quite awhile. As I say, I find I must write paeans to him and our love from time to time, and there are some more very recent ones.

I'm not a bit gloomy about it. I don't dwell in sadness or a sense of loss or sorrow, so much as I feel him always with me in a very good way. It's hard to believe it's been nearly 5 years since he breathed his last breath. During that time, I've 'let go' more, but even at the beginning, it was not gloomy. Perhaps it was because he exuded that 'shine' you mention. You're right that I have that overflow of his love with me all the time.

One of the sweetest things about our life together - it would soon be 34 years, 28 of them as man and wife, - is that, during them, we were physically apart only maybe 8 or 9 24-hr-days. Yet even though we were always in close physical proximity, each of us had his and her own space - it was no 'big deal' or negotiated plan, but we each had so many interests in which we could become totally absorbed, that neither of us ever felt a glimmer of being left out or neglected. Well, maybe when I got online. . . haha. But, no, he was excited for me and supportive, and had his own projects to do and 'fish to fry'! Yet every morning, noon and evening, we came together to chat and eat; at evening tide, we shared a sip, had our dinner, which either of us might have prepared and spent the quality time of the evening and night close together- physically. Of course, there was a lot of variety in what-all comprised the days and evenings! But that we shared them is the point.

We built the cabin at the ranch together! Just our 4 hands (and his tools). I had expertise in designing it and making the building plans and he had the know-how to take up the lumber and make it take form, and I helped - OH, did I ever! It was such an experience. So many facts about it. . . . I should write a hub!

I'm fascinated that you have such an affinity and long-term memory and experience with 11:11, Cat!!! That you shared those memories from your childhood with your father is just amazing and precious.

Wishing for things. . . ah. How good to wish for good for others, perhaps all the more poignant because wishing for others' good fortune is almost all one CAN do to affect whether or not it 'comes true'. One can wish till blue in the face for someone's difficulties in life to lighten, but usually it is almost all up to the person to, at least, set it in motion with decision, conviction and follow-through actions. That is so greatly difficult from their position, - but it's impossible from anyone else's, whereas wishing for one's own good, - well, at least one is in the driver's seat and has access to the steering wheel. The better part of what must be magic is to wish it for and send it toward someone else's direction. There, it may take root and blossom from magical sources. Perhaps it's like praying. And I believe it helps, although I notice God feeds the birds but doesn't throw it in their nests. (trite illustration, but true)

Your unselfish attitude and motives do you credit. You visibly project that, and it draws others to you like moths to a candle! It's magic!

I've a few unconventional feelings, about 'selfishishness', perhaps. It's not selfish to make sure oneself is ok and not someone else's problem It's not selfish to encourage, lead and allow others to discover and learn how to deal with things for themselves, especially if one has had the privilege of guiding their early years, so having begun early to instill confidence and help them lay their own foundations for self-reliance, with love permeating and shining through it all. It's unselfish to exemplify being a happy & capable human being, as one wishes others could/can be.

What is selfish, perhaps, is hoarding the good vibes and feelings, along with whatever material 'things' one CAN spare to help others without creating dependency. Being helpless is selfish in a way, unless one is building strength and self-empowerment to rise out of it.

Maybe you ought to -(as you say) - reconsider that approaching 11:12 portion of your wishing - at a basic and visceral level. It would not be selfish to do so, I'm thinking.

I can't tell you how delightful your visit to this particular hub at this particular moment is to me! I feel like we've had a special moment sipping tea together and just communicating! Thank you.

Cantuhearmescream profile image

Cantuhearmescream 3 years ago from New York


What a beautiful response, though I expected no less. :D This relationship, love, you and George shared; is what so many dream of and far too few experience. Isn't it the simple things that fill in the gaps between the greatest and the worst moments, that make such a wonderful relationship what it is? The love you have for George is such a delight, so strong and admirable. Someday, I will have this.

I am sure you have many hubs in which you refer to your love, your George and I bet there are moments of him in even the ones he is not mentioned. I have only just begun reading your pages and I will not stop until I've read them all! :D You are a wonderful writer and even more beautiful a woman.

I didn't know you built a home together, almost metaphorical, yes? I can almost envision the two of you, in the woods, jeans rolled, dirty hands, sweat and love. Yes, a hub would be lovely.

I didn't intend to steal your sunshine sharing my 11:11 connection and it doesn't compare. I just wanted you to know how much I related to this and the moment, the magic. How much more special that yours was shared with your love! What you said is true about the wishing. I know that my wish will not guide another person and they will not even be aware of the wish, but in some weird way, I feel I've done my part, you know? To have them in my heart and mind and have hope for them and better things? 'God feeeding the birds', I love that and I will reference that again.

Oh, the instilling of confidence, my biggest feat. I pride myself in my ability of this in respect to others, but not so much myself. I don't know that it's true, in all cases, that you cannot love someone else until you love yourself. Yes, a true love relationship, the kind that is different from all others; is very hard to be successful when either party has a lack of love for themselves as it will create a weight and many issues elsewhere. Because of my struggles with insecurities and self-worth, I strive, even if subconsciously, to help build it in others. I know of its importance, I just can't grasp it for myself quite yet; but I have hope for one day. Until then... I will alter my 11:12 approach as it is only unfair and unnecessary :D

I'm honored that my presence has brought you joy and I am grateful to learn of these experiences of yours and gain a deeper understanding of how you got to the you, you are. My To-do list will always say 'fine time to read another Nellieanna original" :

You're such a treat.... thank you!

Hugs, Cat

Nellieanna profile image

Nellieanna 3 years ago from TEXAS Author

Thank you, my dear!! :-) I do hope and pray that someday you will have your true love. Ours was long in coming! We'd both experienced our shares of 'otherwise' before our own true love together happened. I was 53 and he was 63 when we made it official. :-) Yes, he does permeate a lot that I write, though there are specific hubs just for him, in various capacities.

The cabin we built as a team was a tiny home-away-from-home 500 miles away from 'home. If you are to more accurately envision it, the woods must be omitted. It's in semi-arid southwest Texas, where there are plentiful rugged canyons, cacti, dangerous critters and thorny flora. In most areas, the only 'trees' are scrubby mesquites & even scrubbier juniper, though there are a couple of deep canyons which benefit from infrequent rains rushing down their normally dry bottoms en route to the Rio Grande to be carried away there. Some respectable deciduous trees thrive in these special places. There is NO permanent surface water on the entire ranch. The one water actual source is a 712-foot deep well, drilled by my dad in the 1920s. It's graduated from being pumped by an old-fashioned windmill to a modern electric pump. Water brought up from the deep underground river is held in a large concrete tank and, from there, it's piped miles and miles to a network of remote troughs around the place to sustain the wildlife and/or any livestock when present, though there is none there now for various reasons. But lots of wild creatures need it.

There are pictures of our hand-built cabin's exterior on this webpage of mine:

And of its interior on this webpage:

These will also give a glimpse of what the terrain is like.

We made some old-fashioned VCR tapes of some of the building-in-process. I need to see if they can be digitalized. It WAS quite an adventure!! The tapes don't capture much of the whole project, but enough to make one smile at the audacity and fearlessness we brought to it! :-)

George knew about farms in Kansas, but he was totally unprepared for the ranch at first visit, though he soon was to fall in love with it, almost as much as I. Strangely, it weaves a kind of magic spell on visitors, if they linger a little while. The spicy perfume of the clean air with its natural aromas and the spectacle of the heavens in the night sky with NO ground light pollution are just breathtaking. Soon, even sceptical people never want to leave.

Otherwise, though, if not giving it a chance, - most urban - or even rural folks would wonder what anyone ever saw in it & turn-tail and flee, though not very fast, not over those rocky ranch roads! haha 'Nuff of that. . .

I can readily see that you are an effective confidence inspirer to all around you, Cat. Your generous spirit is like a beacon! I see no reason for your lacking any confidence in yourself, except that I have BTDT myself, so I understand. It cannot be 'grasped', though. It emerges from deep within oneself. When we're able to inspire it in others, it is simply touching their own internal repository. But often everyone does need that initial 'boost' from someone who perceives his/her value, in order for their own self-perception to begin to emerge.

Cantuhearmescream profile image

Cantuhearmescream 3 years ago from New York


Oh what a joyful response... I wish it hadn't taken me so long to get back over here! What a wonderful remedy to my rainy, New York day blues! :D

Made it official at 53 and 63, how darling? I would imagine that the experiences that led up to your shared love, made you both more appreciative of what you were blessed with in each other.

Thank you so much for sharing those links! I've saved them too my favorites, as they put such a smile on my face... they are not my memories... but I feel like I was there :-) The music just simply makes my heart smile and the pictures are gorgeous! Yes, I was thinking 'cabin in the woods'... this is certainly not a cabin in the woods! How perfect Nellieanna, what a place to have made so many wonderful memories!

I traveled to Texas, with my family in 2000 for my brother's Air Force graduation at Lackland Air Force Base in Austin. I lost myself in the that land, it was beautiful. I love it in Texas and everything about it and often say that I could easily live there. I am a rural girl, from just small little village, but getting to nature here, is usually in the woods; I just love the ranch atmosphere that you have there!

Thank you Nellieanna, what a beautiful spirit you have and the ability to raise the spirits of others, so unselfishly, is just one of the things that makes you so special! You're a doll and I adore you!



Nellieanna profile image

Nellieanna 3 years ago from TEXAS Author

No problem. Time and timing are relative! And see how well timed it became when it was a remedy for a rainy day's blues! :-)

Yup. We were 47 and 57 when we met and fell in love, but were not free to make it official yet for awhile. Yes, it was surely our shared mutual prior experiences which drew and solidified our initial attraction which became so long-lasting and soul-&-heart-satisfying. We both felt we'd have recognized each other in a crowd as soul-mates anywhere along our time-lines, however. :-D Of course, we were also aware that, as it turned out, we did appreciate it all the more, perhaps MUCH more than we would have been equipped to do, before our eyes were opened!

The fact was, though, that we had little reason to dwell on those past experiences, as we were making our own in the real, living moments. I suppose that our shared experience with the drastic effects our earlier experiences had on each of our children was what brought the past into present moments needing to be considered sometimes along the way. We had the sharing to help each of us in those rough spots.

Glad you enjoyed my Texas heritage links! I just wanted you to see the reality of it, which, as you now realize - is not a 'cabin in the woods' haha.

Interesting that you've visited Texas and liked it. Austin is truly in the HOT - Heart of Texas, nearly in the middle, in fact. It is sort of on imaginary dividing lines between East and West Texas and South and North Texas. My greatest familiarities are with West and North, and the border of 'mid' - where I was born in Del Rio - on the literal border at a spot 'way up the Rio Grande north of its most southerly reaches in the 'real' South Texas. I've brief experiences with East Texas and the Gulf Coast, but in much smaller ratios than with Southwest and North.

Texas is like that - clearly defined regions, almost unlike each other geographically - as well as historically and socially, for the most part.

You could easily find an area of Texas that would suit you, I'm sure - whether rural or metropolitan.

My one experience with New York and New England left various lovely impressions on me. It was pre-George, btw. The visit was full of lovely stops, conducted by friends & kinsfolk and full of nothing but delightful experiences in rather posh circumstances in the Fall of 1976 with the leaves in full array. The kinfolks lived in New York City and in Darien, CT. The friends involved lived in Sramford, CT, he being a retired V.P. of Pitney-Bowes. Such good memories; - all another life ago! :-)

I've had many spirit-raising experiences bestowed upon me, btw. :-) Paying it forward seems the least I can try to do.

shanmarie profile image

shanmarie 3 years ago from Texas

So, this computer has Windows 8 on it and it drives me mad because it is so dang touchy, much like a smart phone that seems to have a mind of its own whenever bumped. Well, this time, I bumped the mouse pad and any other time I want to know what time it is, it will not pull it up and I have to exit everything to go see on a special desktop app that shows it like the original desktop. Anyway. . .when I bumped it....what time do you suppose it was? 11:11!

And now, every time I hear mention of that time or see it, as the case was tonight, I think of you and your love for George. You were the first person to even mention the 11:11 concept to me. So, I had to come read this hub, which I think I'd neglected to do until now.

I absolutely love your first poem.

Nellieanna profile image

Nellieanna 3 years ago from TEXAS Author

That was amazing that 11:11 turned up when you bumped the mouse pad, alms miraculously, under the circumstances!

Thanks for the visit, however delayed it might be. There's no shelf-life or expiration date for hubs! ;-)

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