If I Could Color The Earth With Words

If I Could Color The Earth With Words.



This blog was written as I stood at the edge of a vast hole in the grand canyon on a sunny day, this vast pit of despair, so empty, and yet filled with such lovely colors as if God was attempting to make up for the huge void left there. Thus this blog was written, as I thought of how wonderful it would be to color all the black and white issues, and paint smiles on all the sad and lonely faces, and create a gallery of hope all over the world. ~~~MFB III

If I could color
the world with my words,
I would paint guns in silent grays
filled with white blanks.

Then I'd change the bleak blacks
of death into blue misty dreams
from which we would all wake.

I would color so many hurting babies
unbruised, with the blush of pink.

I would fill the palletes of the hungry
with red meats and peach fruits.

All people would be one color,
a perfect shade of tan, eliminating racism.

I would paint our troops home
washing out the sandy biege,
and blending them into cool, grass greens.

I would scrape the muddy blend
of the last batch of uninspiring politicians,
off the canvas, turning what was
alway a scraggly bush into
a poet tree of hope.

I would erase all of the terrorist
with a scarlet swath of my
own blood if needed.....

.....leaving the world watercolored
in the soft pink and orange
of a new day dawning.

Art~Whimsically Yours Studio

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ajwrites57 profile image

ajwrites57 3 years ago from Pennsylvania

The images of the ideal flow as you colors swirl through my mind. Reality awaits your-our brush and palette. Thanks MFB III

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