Improvisation and Impersonation.


Improvisation And Impersonation.


" Poetry is the choreography

of impassioned thoughts,
  tripping in syncopation

gracefully from ones tongue,
  improvising lifes chaotic rhythms

in long loops and swirls,
  swaying joyously with all souls

who dare dance with their dreams."


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~MFB III







Thoughts are

stretching in my head,
back stage in the

cathedral of my cranium.
Each one warming up

for their grand presentation
across the pounded,

ground up remnants
of some trees

I never climbed.
The stage all in white

awaits their set designs.
The lights of passion burn bright,
as they stroll together

through long passages.
Each one made up,

and beautifully fashioned,
hoping for their name

in print and great reviews.
The symphony of my heart

plays a harmonic background,
as I orchestrate their

next arrangement.
My muse stands by

to direct their production.
Commas like stage hands

dash about and then pause,
in quiet interludes as the 

re-en-actors make their entrance,
The masquerade has begun,

my audience must be wooed,
for I am but a common poet, i

nterpreting the language of the gods.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~MFB III


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