In Loving Memory of My Friend

R.I.P. Tanner Chamberlain.
R.I.P. Tanner Chamberlain.

By: Phoenixx Vann Der Snatsch

Behold! my dear friend

You have left me this day.

My tears come flowing

For you have flown away.

Though you are much better

In a place with no pain

I never said good-bye

To your beautiful face.

You always made me happy

When I was depressed.

You made me laugh

When I was a mess.

You made me smile

When I thought of death.

And you brought me sunshine

When I lived in darkness.

Behold! my dear love,

You have left me to fend

Just for myself,

Tonight was your end.

I think of you always.

Your memory shan't end.

You're in my heart forever.

Death is not your dead end.

You've left us alone, my friend.

You left us in dire need

Of your genius mind

And your generous thoughts, indeed.

We loved you with all our hearts

Because you were amazing.

With blood-shot eyes, I sit here and cry

For your death won't be your last deed.

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carolp profile image

carolp 5 years ago from Switzerland

Sad but beautiful poem in memory of someone you adore and love. Yes, those who left forever are in peace and they remain always in our hearts.

Nefarious_Misery profile image

Nefarious_Misery 5 years ago from on the move

Another sad and touching piece. This man must have meant so much to you.

Phoenixx profile image

Phoenixx 5 years ago from Roseburg, OR Author

@Nefarious: This man, which is what he truly was, meant more than anything to me. He was the love of my life and also my best friend. He was what kept me moving and kept me going during one of the worst parts in my life. He was only 15 but God rest his soul, he was the most amazing man I had ever met.

@CarolP: When memories are all we have, sometimes remembering is the saddest thing to do, but should mostly be the best thing you could ever do. Remembering is what got me through a lot. Most of my memories are kind of lost and gone, but the ones I do have, especially the good ones, are what get me up in the morning.

krazikat profile image

krazikat 5 years ago from Pacific Northwest

This is a touching a bautifully emotional poem. I can relate and thank you for sharing.

Phoenixx profile image

Phoenixx 5 years ago from Roseburg, OR Author

@Krazikat: I should be thanking you for reading this. I'm sorry you understand the pain behind this. But as they say, what doesn't kill us only makes us stronger.

rjsadowski profile image

rjsadowski 5 years ago

Sometimes, expressimg your feelings in words, is a form of healing.

Phoenixx profile image

Phoenixx 5 years ago from Roseburg, OR Author

@rjsadowski: I like to believe that writing out how I feel greatly reduces the risk of over-stressing and emotional breakdowns. When I wrote this, (its kind of obvious what happened) I was in a very severe and deep depression. So I chose to write to help me cope with everything that was happening to me.

Pamlia Wall profile image

Pamlia Wall 4 years ago from Ararat North Carolina

This is a hauntingly beautiful expression for your lost loved one. It is wonderfully written with true feeling which comes through. Great Job.

CrisSp profile image

CrisSp 3 years ago from Sky Is The Limit Adventure

It must have been painful for you to jot this down but you've done it exquisitely. Very moving...

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