Illusive as my thoughts,
Fleeting as a moment,
She winds up in my dreams,
Where she is safe and secure
Away from my fears, unable to fall

She's quiet and shy,
I sometimes wonder why,
She's always as bright as the stars in the sky

She speaks without words,
Yet they are as clear to me as crystal,
I hold onto her like a doll,
One made of porcelain

She gathers adoration and places it like a foundation,
Brick by brick, making it secure, making a wall,
Almost as if she is afraid to fall

Fall away from me, unable to be returned,
Again I am afraid, afraid to be burned

Scared of the loss, scarred by the thought,
All that I have gone through has all been for naught

Everyday a different deal,
Another day filled with feelings I didn't want to feel,
Live and let live... isn't that what they say?
Wonder if I can live like that day after day?

June 8, 2001

Loneliness accompanied by the early twenty's angst created this poem. I was finished university, moved into a new town in a new province for a new job. No reminders of home or of the things I knew and loved. There was always a seeping of negative thoughts "I haven't done enough", "I'm not as far in life as I should be by this age", "My plans have not worked out".But the funny thing is that in that mode in that time of my life I feel I did my best writing. Following this year I found my wife and became better at balancing work life and home life. But by doing so, the equilibrium didn't bring any turmoil, no inner strife (well none that I put on paper).

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\Brenda Scully 7 years ago

I like it, it is my nosey nature, but I find myself trying to imagine why you wrote this as I did with your last poem I read.............

Enigmatic Me profile image

Enigmatic Me 7 years ago from East Coast Canada Author

2001 I was single and thinking about what I had been dreaming about. Dreams seem to fade away when ya wake up so this was a way to keep the memory fresh.

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