Intelligently Designed Evolution of Scientific Religion

Wait... What's hidden...

This sound's like a time we've already lived in...

Hmmm well, let's begin,

are you linkd in???

Then sign in quick, using fingers made of skin,

they're conveniently attached, right at the end's of both limb's,

keystrokes smoke & nail's are trimmed,

pointer's peck until the catch is skinned,


Brock brock brock... Two for flinchin'...

OK cock but I forgot to mention,

see those guy's holding the ax, yea there's the henchmen,

I think they're looking for a reverse lynching,

nope no string, just a swing upside-down and your head goes rolling,

but hear's the neatest thing... You can still run around after the body ditching,

sure the muscles are still twitching...

hay, that don't mean a damn thing,

it's not about the table, it's what you bring,

song bird sing,

sing a song about a ring,

around the rosy mosey, ashes you should bring,


Dinners done... By the way, how many friend's did you bring...

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goego profile image

goego 2 years ago from Loserland Author

A soldiers salute to westboro...

Apparently 'god' also hates weird cult leaders along with fags and service members, guess that kinda' blew up in your face... He ain't no spring chicken anymore

Johna86 2 years ago

Fckin amazing things here. Im very glad to see your post. Thanks a lot and i'm looking forward to contact you. Will you kindly drop me a mail? dfedcdadbbee

goego profile image

goego 2 years ago from Loserland Author

Johnb- thank you for the kind comment, do you have any favorite music, books, actors, or whatever- I can write one just for you my friend!

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