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Introduction to Inspirational Poetry.

Poems are an inspiration from the heart. A writer may write about things that he knows, or he may develop a plot in his mind and build a story from that basis. but every poet writes his own words born of inspiration. Each individual poem could be based on a life experience, a dramatic event, or a traumatic occurrence. Poetry holds the soul captive and won't let go.

Other poems are based on deeper spiritual awareness and reflect revelations that pertain to humanity and the basic question of life. Another poem might portray through words the unspeakable feelings of the heart. Why do I say "unspeakable" feelings? For instance, thoughts and emotions might be so deeply felt that they are unexpressable except in poetry: Edgar Allen Poe had such a traumatic upbringing that he could only deal with it by creative writing and implanting his personal story into his writings. Also in popular Christianity, Jesus spoke words that no man ever heard. Words that were described as unutterable.

Sometimes we have deep emotions and feelings about special people and places. Some of my poems express caring for certain people in my life or of specific events. Usually it's because of some special trait or event. Or is it just the simple fact of feeling passionate about life? If it's about someone I know, I try to catch the “spirit” of their gift to me as they pass by.

While living in a remote Alaska village for twelve long years, I longed at times to reach out and touch someone and could not because of the impossible distance and the isolation I experienced; not counting the 2000 residents of that small place: Only my heart and my thoughts could reach out to those afar, and sometimes those un-landed feelings were amplified toward a few certain people who were touchable. How fragile was my spirit when at long last I could again reunite with those friends, and even then I could not always express to them how I felt. Almost needless to say, writing gave me the medium that I needed to communicate these long held thoughts and suppressed emotions.

Inside of me there is something alive and spontaneous. Inside each of us is a storehouse of creative action. How do we find it unless we run and jump and play? How do we express it afterwards? Finding utopia is a constant and progressive search! Tap on the door of the heart and discover the bliss of poetry and the rewards of writing. Nothing is impossible!

I hope you are enlightened of your cares in some little way as you share my special thoughts of people, places and things.


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Dee42 profile image

Dee42 4 years ago from Beautiful Arkansas

So true. Everyone needs to reads this. Very poignant, I can see how much you care towards people and their writing. Voted up.

Oscarlites profile image

Oscarlites 4 years ago from Alabama Author

thank you, Dee.. I have so much lost time to catch up. I knew I was supposed to write years ago, but other things always seemed to come first, nonetheless, I have close to a hundred hubs to recopy, and post. and many more new ones to write.. lol

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