Is Peace Just Reloading a Gun?

The man THE man said
War is when we fire a gun
And peace is when we reload
I hoped it would involve putting the gun down
But that is not what this world is about
This is a world paved with gold

They said the gold is in heaven
But I don’t believe it’s like that
Why would it be about corruption?
It seems fatalistic to assume peace involves bullets
But that is the real world that he gave us
And only our children believe in its redemption

I saw my daughter sing about Jesus today
And she believes in him with all her heart
I wondered when I lost that kind of certainty
You wait for a sign but maybe I get them all the time
I cannot understand the ways of holiness
Maybe I was reloading while he spoke of eternity

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snakeslane profile image

snakeslane 3 years ago from Canada

"The man THE man said

War is when we fire a gun

And peace is when we reload"

A strange kind of peace for sure...Regards snakeslane

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