Is There Again (poem)

Is there again the meaning of my mood

And reason I am living is renewed

The source of all my dreams is beauty viewed

A moment set which nothing dare intrude


Who knew the power hidden in those eyes

The endless fascination hearts devise

No meaning set aside to compromise

Just deep within where way of passion lies


So quietly the night sets in the mood

And all the hopes which wishes can devise

For her all once was real can’t compromise

For seconds past surrender can’t intrude


Was in that kiss she gently closed her eyes

And in that instant memories renewed

Tomorrows long forgotten nothing views

For silent is the stream where something lies


So many tears yet not one to intrude

The hopelessness of this curse which I viewed

For through her blood my reason was renewed

Is there again the meaning of my mood

Music only

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AudreyHowitt profile image

AudreyHowitt 22 months ago from California

So melancholy--but Martin, I loved this--

Rakim Cheeks profile image

Rakim Cheeks 22 months ago

This poem is amazing. Your lyrics are great

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