It's Always been A Time Machine.

It's Always Been A Time Machine.

on September 25, 2002. ©-MFB III- All rights reserved

It's always been a time machine

as it rumbles and creaks along its way

orange yellow, and black it's often seen

transporting countless generations

crawling slowly but consistently

on each decades familiar paths

yet it changes ever so little

though the world around it ages

like the cargo it discharges

in a flow of seasonal colors

pastels gracing urban blights

Once "I" rode it....oh so eager

all bright and smiling on its trek

a magical fro

I shared its views of other times

a better place so long ago

it brings back smells of bubblegum

bananas...Twinkies and bologna

the sight of it makes me nostalgic

for the future I once had

now locked forever in the past

as it approaches I grow sad....: (

But then I bend to kiss a copy

of myself here in the present

then watch him dash in joyous flight

so brightly smiling as he's leaving

aboard this idling time machine

his face so tiny in it's windows

his wave so brief and then he's gone.

I know that each time that it comes back

returning him onto our driveway

he's grown a bit older and wiser

in his travels away from home

but his conveyance here twice daily

is stealing time from us so precious

all those hours laughed and played through

now oh, so quiet on my own

But my heart knows it's exchanging

a brand new future for my toddler

he'll grow and bloom in Kinder's garden

bringing home memories we can share

for this I shed a grateful tear....

"OOooops...I must go, his bus is here!!!"

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ajwrites57 profile image

ajwrites57 3 years ago from Pennsylvania

MFB III--So very nice. So many emotions. My own past, waxing nostalgic, wishing for the past, then I wished for the future. My own son's past moving into the future. Time lost, spent away. Very nice! Shared!

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