It's not Eeevee (Five for Fighting 'It's Not Easy' parody)


I wish that I could Fly, but I don’t have that type

I just want to find, what’s great about Eevee

Don’t know if you’ve heard, but I am just plain,

I’m only a pretty face, that trainers train

To be something just not me.

I wish that I could Fight, break rocks with ease,

Find my dragon type, just be anything but me

I know it’s absurd, but see my IV’s,

Eeven eevolving’s the right idea

It might be deserved,

But please hear my plead,

Every –eon is a better me

And it’s not eeasy to be Eevee

Water, fire, ice, grass, dark, fairy.

I have most types!

You can choose which one you like

I’m not crazy, or anything.

I don’t care the type

I just love my Eeve

Man, you are just right,

Know you’re perfect to me

I’m only a mon, with a changing body

Digging for sympathy before sun/moon release!

Only a mon, that might change easy

Looking for special things inside of me, inside of me

Inside Eevee, inside Eevee.

Inside Eevee

I’m only a mon, with a changing body

I have adaptability.

But that’s not enough to keep me Eevee

It’s not Eevee, to be me.

This is the tune that goes with my parody.

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