Poetry: I've got to go on

Time wasn't always a friend

Precious moment have to end

I've asked myself, "why"?

And made me worry deep inside.

I remember places I've gone through

Faces whom I've laughed and cried with too.

Such as these will never be fade

In an album of memories they are preserved.

Tears I can't stop from falling

Hoping I could resist the clock from licking

If only I could have a time machine

I wish it would all turn back ever again.

Yet as I lived in this world

I've realized that time wasn't to be blamed

Learning that I shouldn't stay here for so long

"cause I've got to go on.

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rosika profile image

rosika 4 years ago

You are right mate...life is about moving on. Life was different when we were child but adulthood is very different but, yes, every moment should be cherished and we should live in present, not the past nor the future!

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