Just Some Ornamental Doo-Dads!

Ornamental Doo-dads

(  .    .  )

Male nipples
what a waste
like pink
or tan tic-tacs

by curly hair
but producing


bulging from
weight lifting
or sagging from
too many

krispy cremes,
they just

sit there
like mooney

brown eyes,
they have

no purpose,
they can

be tickled,
but never milked,
simply big brown

milk duds,
some innies,

some outies,
but it matters little
for they have little use
except to hang

piercings from
male nipples
what a waste!





Night fall.

Japanese lantern
in a shimmering
puddle of lamp oil.
Samurai sword sheathed,
long after wild stabs
in the dark
as a geisha girl fled,
her bound feet bursting free
in quick microsteps
over teakwood floors.
Only darkeness premeates
the rice paper walls
in a haiku of a tragedies
near miss.



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ladyjane1 profile image

ladyjane1 6 years ago from Texas

I never really thoght about the male nipples but thanks for the visuals lol.

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