A Journey

A Journey

Who I am is unimportant. What I am doing is irrelevant. My treasure I share with you are words, my story, and my knowledge. I cannot say I have wisdom. I hunger for learning, but I am not educated in the ways you may think.

See I am a sorceress, a priestess, and a fraud. I believe in magic, but I do not control it. I believe in the Spirit realm, yet I have not visited it. I believe in life, and good and love, but I have not experienced any. I am alone. I travel in search of hope, of peace, and a place to call home. I have not found that place.

I began my journey when I was a small child, before I could talk, my path was set for me. I knew nothing, I was open and vacant, thus that was why I was chosen. My training was to be a vessel to the spirits. A way for the sinner to commune with the gods. I could not speak until I was nearly in my eighth summer, and my words were slow. The teachers thought I was slow in wit and therefore useless.

Yet, they had already begun my training. Then they shunned be and  tossed me aside. Tossed me to servitude. I was not useless. I knew my training. I am a good vessel, but a broken one in their eyes. They did not see, they could not see my potential. They failed the calling from the gods, I saw them for their worth, and they had fallen from the ways.

I began my journey with a single belief, Me. I am worth something, and I have found, I have no doubt of who I am yet I search for the place where I am to be.

This is who I am.

My name is Song~of~Light

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tnderhrt23 profile image

tnderhrt23 6 years ago

oooooo! I am hooked here! This reminded me a bit of "Mists of Avalon", a book I really love and have read several times! Your picture is awesome and I am hungry for more! Mystical, ethereal...yup, Im hooked! Is there more to follow, Lady?

Lady Legacy profile image

Lady Legacy 6 years ago from Imperial Author

This was an improv. I will consider continuing this story. Currently I am working on my novel, but I write occasional short stories.

I have not read the Mists of Avalon, I did read Spirit House and was terribly upset with it.

I will post some of those short stories I have written in the furutre. :)

I am encouraged by your words. Thank you!

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