Lament of a relationship

conspicuous by absence
conspicuous by absence

My dreams like my feelings for you change colour,

In the morning, I coordinate to catch your glimpse

But by the evening, these feelings for you I wish I could rinse

In the afternoons comes the bliss,

for in between boring lectures I dream of the times I miss

Such a waste

To have to let go of a beautiful young relationship in haste

A relation that couldn’t reach its full potential

Leaving me with thoughts that are both irrational and carnal

It is a sad thing--

a relationship that hasn’t been given the time to blossom

but sadder still, to know that it’s you who mucked up the whole thing,

I feel sad to know that I shouldn’t ever forgive you

but sadder still is to feel that I have never been truly angry with you

And now, to know what we were and what we could become

pales in comparison with what I was and what I have become...

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RomancingWithLife 5 years ago


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