Lessons From The Mornings First Bloom.


Lessons From The Morning's First blooms.


The morning glory

burst skyward,
trumpeting the new day,
fresh from the soils

of yesterdays toil.

It rises above what

were seeds of doubt,
watered with nature's tears,
adding a lovely burst of color,
to the now perfect dawn.

Come eve it will close
its weary head bent in repose,
much like all

inhabitants of the earth,
awaiting the rising

of tomorrow's sun.

Warm beams

that will rouse it
to spread its lovely face,
and bask in the beauty of life,
before the withering.

If only we all

were more like
the morning glory,
rising in splendor each day
with only one goal,
to add elegance to the world.

What peace our planet would know.



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poetlorraine 7 years ago

peace at what price.... i like the colours of the flower

seasoning 7 years ago

such a beautiful way with words, i am loving your work, my heart is melting

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