Loves Rugged Mountain

Alaska Jewelry Box
Alaska Jewelry Box | Source
The Superstition Mountains In Arizona
The Superstition Mountains In Arizona | Source

The Mountain Within~

Like precious ore lying beneath the rocky cliffs, loves fate lies buried in the mountain..

Winds of time dress the pinnacles into magnificent shapes and shadows, while loves golden lobe lays still hidden below rugged crests and rocky ridges..

An awesome mountain standing in stately elegance against the elements, beauty protruding in the grassy meadows where a single wildflower blooms, symbolic of loves hidden power.

Can the mountain reveal its hidden greatness, the substance of itself, or is it destined to stand forever, inner ores unexposed and undiscovered, raw, unfeeling, this mountain..

Reveal yourself oh treasure, so fine; uncover your simplest dreams; once dulled like real panners gold, now polished in a perfect sheen..

Plunder the mountains image, alter its once certain destiny; leave a shapeless mass of twisted terrain, that first had boundaries and order; What about the mountains purpose, its children, its reason for touching the sky?

Will loves glistening gold find its way through artesian fountains to night above, from deeply sparkling streams to sunlight’s gleam; an ecstasy of joy fills the heavens, touches the earth, fulfills the mountain..


May 8, 1994

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