My New Puppy

Grandpa Mick came by today

And handed me a puppy

He’s black and white with a cold nose

I think I’ll name him Lucky

Dad shook his head and Mom said “No!”

Then Gramps said, with a grin

“Look how cute this puppy is

The boy’ll take care of him.”

So I got to keep the puppy

And we had so much fun

The first thing that the puppy did

Was take off at a run!

It wasn’t hard to catch him

But you should have heard him holler

When Gramps helped me put on him

A brand new leash and collar

My Grandpa Mick, he told me

To take the puppy for a walk

I think I’ll need more practice

Cause he dragged me half a block!

I love my little puppy

But he takes lots of care

Mom and Dad keep getting mad

Cause he makes messes everywhere

Like when it started raining

And Mom let out a roam

“Look at what that pup has done!”

“There’s MUD on my clean floor!”

And Daddy didn’t laugh at all

Today when he came home

I thought it was so funny

Lucky thought his slipper was a bone

He’s just a little puppy

But keeping up with him is hard

Mommy said “Outside with him!”

“Go play out in the yard.”

Mom sent us outside again

Cause he chewed up her new shoe

So here we sit and think real hard

“Now what can we do?”

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UlrikeGrace profile image

UlrikeGrace 6 years ago from Canada

Oh this was wonderful...what lovely images this poem conjured up. Thank you for sharing it!

Blessings top you


profile image

"Quill" 6 years ago

Hugs and wonderful hub...double hugs...


profile image

mdawson17 6 years ago

Great Hub

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