Lost along the way- Teenagers life

Many teenagers

Lost along the way

When they reach high school

Joining the gang

Acting up rude

Mother heart became broken

And stress arise along the way

Finding a way to discipline them

Yet they fight back

Some run away from home

Some get pregnant before eighteen

Some get into criminal act

And serve time in juvenile

Or get killed in some ways

Most teenagers is on track

Go to school and graduate

Trying not to get in the hand

Of any criminal act

Successful they are

And make their parent as proud

Cheerful tears falling

As teacher call their name aloud

Many teenagers lost along the way

Many teenagers is on track

It’s all up to the parent and their influence

To guide them through the path

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Craig Suits profile image

Craig Suits 5 years ago from Florida

You got that right Chanroth. Your a product of your adolecent years. Nothing more and nothing less.

Good hub.........

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