Mechanized Emotion.


Mechanized Emotion.    

Her dildo breath,
made a cloud of
around her stoned,
cold head,
as her teeth
vibrated together,
in the frigid
New York slush.

She was quite plush,
a fallen angel,
a lonely man's angle,
and she stood out
from the daily rush.

She bummed a cigarette,
then juggled it
on her frosted lip. 
He offered her a light,
even though her
soul had been
extinguished long ago.
She grabbed his zippo
and flicked it
once or twice.

See, he was looking for a hump,
but she just wanted a camel,
though he paid no mind 
the brand on her hip,
from whatever local pimp
was selling her goods.

She winked at him
as she climbed
into a yellow cab....
escaping from her checkered past
and quite cautious at his intent.

He mouthed, "See you later?"
with a distinct
hook on the end
capping a period of time
not yet negotiated???

She laughed and said
"I'll see you later
and I'll raise you six."

Then she was gone.
across a metered distance,
servicing another man's fare,
in most likely
some form of,
taxi- dermatological rubs.....
leaving him in
a cloud of exhaust,
slightly exhilarated,
amidst the soot stained
drifts of snow,
found ever so often,
in man's brick house canyons.

*a work of friction....mechanical and otherwise.







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