Mind Wondering

Mind Wondering

  There's a lot of things

      I want to say.

  Scared if I do

     You will walk away.

Overwhelmed is what

    I feel in my mind.

I thought you and I

    were two of a kind.

When we are together

    I feel so good.

When we are apart

    sad is my mood.

Your actions of late

    have left me confused.

My head aches and

    my heart is bruised.

All these thoughts

    running in my head.

All these words I

    know need to be said.

Fear holds me back

    and stuck on what to do.

I know for a fact I

    don't want to lose you.

I am falling and

    unsure of where I'll land.

Right now the move is yours

    my heart's in your hands.

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Johnny Love 5 years ago

I love that about you. not afraid to speak how you feel even if it means you lost him, cause if you don't tell him, beautiful and up of coarse.

4elements profile image

4elements 5 years ago Author

thank you Johnny. I love receiving comments from you. For some reason you and i relate, and it is cool to know.

Johnny Love 5 years ago

Just a dreamers insight to nothing. we share a pain i am certain will one day vanish. i hope.

4elements profile image

4elements 5 years ago Author

yeah me too sweetie

Johnny Love 5 years ago

fearing answers forsaking hope,

falling harder than before.

dreaming dreams so cold inside,

waiting for the end to come.

Taking away the fear,

feeling the pain to know.

Losing sight without my eyes,

fading away under new light.

Breaking out to find some peace,

letting go of everything.

Holding on for a moment to stay,

in a love bound in chains so beautiful....

4elements profile image

4elements 5 years ago Author

wow maybe this comment should be a hub, seeing as it was awesome, mark up lol

Johnny Love 5 years ago

It is yours to do with what you will. i just had it flow and that's what became of it.

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