Missing My Heart

love never comes easy....that's how we know it's worth it.

I can’t help but to stare at the screen

In hopes it will give me you.

One word, a note, a sign of life,

Before I come unglued.

Never thought a few years could be so long

But then again I never knew.

I thought absence makes the heart grow fonder.

It only makes me blue.

The time you’re away I grow stronger,

Although I didn’t set out for this.

I hate getting used to being without you.

I can’t even remember the feel of your kiss.

I’ve forgotten the sound of your voice,

And have missed the caress of your hands.

I do, however, support your choice,

And I’m proud that you’re my man.

Not many can do what you have chosen to do,

By being all that you can be.

I don’t know what you’ve got to prove,

But I’ll be happy when you return to me.

Not every guy can be a hero,

Or even well respected at that;

But you, my love, are both and more,

My soldier, my life, that’s a fact.

I miss you each and every day

Although I’m here alone.

I love you so much in every way,

And can’t wait until you come home.

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Cindy 6 years ago

oh my god this so made me cry

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