Morning Lve

Poem for the soul

Morning Love

I love the smell of you when the sun wakes me,
It feels like Christmas dating New Year's Eve.
I love the smile you offer when the pillow sleeps,
It feels like heaven's blessing on our romantic life.

I love the inner feeling of our simple senses,
It craves new kisses, the hearts true battle.
I love thy eyes caressing a universal gaze;
It is our deep connection, detaching souls.

I love the hands that hold my chubby cheeks,
It takes my breath away and comfort gives me.
I love your whispers, my darling happy muse,
It sings of tranquillity divine, i still can't believe,
That we are one...

I love to love all that you are today beside me,
It feels so natural, the world embraces us daily.
I love the light you offer near my hair and lady,
It seems to that we are now the one you want.

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