Mosaics For The First Time by Reham Aarti Jacobsen

Mosaics For The First Time was written by Reham Aarti Jacobsen

I have always loved the feel of textured tile and have been intrigued about the possibilities of making my own mosaic tiles.

If you ever have been curious I would definitely recommend taking a look at this book.

It carefully list supplies needed to get an idea if you want to commit to this hobby. I do not have all the equipment needed at this time it is not a book I am letting go.

I love going through it and looking qt the pictures. I have seen a couple of how to do mosaic tile books and have always preferred this one. The instructions are labeled with great pictures that seem easy to follow.

For a small book it has a great variety of projects and ideas to keep one busy and to let one's own imagination take control. I like options and enjoy the fact this book gives you quite a few options. The descriptions of the different materials that can be used is concise and a great variety of possible materials to use.What is also really nice is it also gives ideas to where to locate materials needed for your projects.

I love the way the book is organized, it separates each technique with detailed instructions which helps make it easier to find in the book and helpful to decide which technique to try.

Personally, technique #3 is my favorite. This step shows how to do mosaic stepping stones for your garden or backyard. My birthday is in May so I will hopefully be buying myself goodies for this. I am totally excited about this and I definitely recommend this book.


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