Mother Nature's Revenge.

Mother Nature's Revenge. ©-MFB III


The black bird waited
outside her window,
each day at dawn,
pecking hard on the glass,
rattling her panes,
and screeching loudly.

Its green-blue eyes
glaring inward,
as she scrambled to dress
and free herself
from its daily attacks.

It had built a nest
up in her backyard tree,
just above the spot where
where she had buried her
newborn unwanted child
just two weeks before,
and ever since it
had plagued her.

She scribbled a
quick note to the police
a week later,
And handed it to
a traffic cop
on her way to the
Greyhound bus station.

They stopped her bus
somewhere south

of Boise, Idaho
and took her

to a small cell
on charges of

murder one.

She was tried
and found guilty,
and when at last
she was settled
in the cell she
would occupy for life,
she breathed a
sigh of relief,
to be free

of the guilt
that was eating

her very soul.

But the next morning
that bird was back
tapping on the thick glass
that sat behind the bars
on her north wall window,

Suddenly the sheets
were looking like a way out,
as she sat twisting them
into some semblance of a rope.

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