My Prometheus

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I burn for you.

My Prometheus

All ablaze; illuminating my face- burning embers fill the room and my tears are boiling water as I stare into your face. God of fire- God of war; the blood courses through your veins hot like lava; my flame. Your name I whisper as you walk across the room.

Smoking hot foot steps burning into the ground… you are on fire. Destructive burning- heat light and combustion, meandering through this space and finding its way into my heart-My Prometheus my flame until death do us part.

My atomic steed and my Achilles; my lightening; glowing and shining- burning me up. On fire and on a rampage, my ten alarm fire; pockets of heat and sulfur erupt. Hotter than plus a million Kelvin- my -sun capturer. My flame; Prometheus-my Prometheus.

A human torch; a strong violent force of nature-upheaval; my Emperor-Sweet Prince- intense heat; palms sweating I approach to kiss your lips- heat exhaustion heavy panting. Anti- Matter; anti- frost; anti- ordinary- you will never be old. As the winds fan your flames you rise and live again my Prometheus.

I can see the sun in your eyes and when you laugh I can see it rise. I feel the warmth of your lust my King I fall faint at each of your thrusts. The moths gravitate towards you- you are hot. The world evolves for you- center of the universe. Fashioned like a diamond you were formed under pressure-its not your fault. Prometheus I burn for you too, and yes I am hot.

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