My Table Of Contents...Freshly Plucked.


My Table Of Contents: Freshly Plucked.    

From the convoluted
cauliflower of my mind,
delectable sprouts
break free into poetry.

Although sometimes I find
myself interrupted
by kidney beans filled
to the bursting with
steamy caffeine concoctions.

I am called to plant
beets in even meters,
in the soil of inspiration
freshly tilled.

I strive to squash any other
impulses bidding me stop,
and spend long hours
with thoughts rattling my gourd,
till after much perseverance
something will usually turnip.

A budding of my creativity,
peppered with metaphors.
whether it be my sour grapes,
pressed into a whine of angst,
or the sweet flowing juices
of passion, fruit of my labors.

Walk with me through
the neatly laid rows here,
pluck the herb of a verb,
savor a dangling participle,
whether you are a
Granny Smith or a sweet pea,
under the shade of
my versatile tree.



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