My Voice Will Be Heard

A Rythmic sound and a beat of a drum

A twitch of the wrist then up goes my thumb

To silence the world and to be seen outlandishly

A tickle in my throat as I speak ravishly

My Voice Will Be Heard

To cast a vocal mechanism that is sweet but alluring

To be one with my self but yet enduring

Not wanting to be hippuric or obscene

While keeping my posture up and clean

My Voice Will Be Heard

A melodious antidote and euphoric quote

That is catching your ear you may take notes

With a pleasant crowd and a key to show

My voice is booming which ever way the wind blows

My Voice Will Be Heard

My main focus is you

Your main focus is me

While entertainment is most likely

May I address an issue crafty

Being Bold is the rule

Less introverted with no clue

Interesting topics are discussed

My Voice Will Be Heard No Matter What


AngelaJJ profile image

AngelaJJ 11 months ago

wow...that's an uplifting poem! :)

Luna Blue profile image

Luna Blue 11 months ago

Great flow and a positive note throughout, well done :)

manatita44 profile image

manatita44 8 months ago from london

Indeed! Your voice will be heard. Great poetry!

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