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About Hub Pages and earning money on the adsense programs

Hub Pages programs, not only lets you publish free if you have some articles to publish, but it also gives you the chance to earn some money, by using Google ad-sense, this is very helpful for a would be  writer, it gives a chance to try your skill
Hub Pages programs, not only lets you publish free if you have some articles to publish, but it also gives you the chance to earn some money, by using Google ad-sense, this is very helpful for a would be writer, it gives a chance to try your skill | Source

Concerns about my account

My dear readers and fellow’s hub writers and readers, I am writing this hub here because I am concerned about my accounts on the Internet overall, so there are a few concerns that I would like to talk about here, but first of all, let me ask you a few questions about hub pages itself, I know that I could have written this same thing in the question section, and perhaps have some of the answers that I am looking for already in there, but I prefer to write this as a hub, where it is more likely that people will take notice of these issues; and also because, it would be easier for me to come back to edit and add other things that come up from time to time, anyhow let us state the reason why I am writing this first of all.

I am writing this article in hub pages, because I am having difficulty in understanding the reason why my hub score is going down and more so my profile score is going down, in fact one of my profiles used to be more than seventy and now it is only 33. I believe that I have not done anything negative to deserve that, so I wonder if any of you are having the same problem in Hub Pages and your score is going down for no evident reasons. Now if this is your case also and you happen to know the reasons why this is happening, would you mind to share your knowledge with us, please?

I know that there have been a few changes in Hub Pages recently and so these changes would reflect on the score as well, but when your profile score is cut in half in a few days, you wonder whether it is something wrong with you, or it is happening to everybody else as well; now if that is happening to everybody, one would ask, what is wrong with the Hub Pages system? Because these changes cannot be normal, so it needs an explanation.

But that is not the only change that I am experiencing in hub page, because I have also less visitors which are about half of what they used to be, but most of all my earnings have gone down to one tenth of what they used to be. Now I know that what I am talking here is only a few dollars, because I am only an average hub writer, but dose few dollars helped to pay for the running expenses of the computer, which is a must to have if you want to access any internet programs including Hub Pages. Here I would like to add that we the average person has still a lot to learn, when it comes to use the internet and other services available to Internet user including mobile users, when on your mobile you can access the internet, so after I finish talking about the issue on hub pages, I am going to say something about this mobile use over the internet.


The Google ad-sense program is about earning money

These days wherever you go and whatever you do you need money to get anywhere. So it is only normal that we would like to earn money on the internet and Google ad-sense gives you the chance to do that.
These days wherever you go and whatever you do you need money to get anywhere. So it is only normal that we would like to earn money on the internet and Google ad-sense gives you the chance to do that. | Source

How I see Hub pages

Perhaps what I am writing here today might not be an important issue to some of you, but to me it is important, because Hub Pages has been the best site for me to write whatever I would like to write and publish. You see, I have to say that for me hub pages has helped me a lot to become a hub writer, because I wanted to find a way that would allow me to publish something without being charged, and for that reason Hub Pages was just the right program I was looking for. I was very happy to find that Hub Pages not only does not charge anything to the writers that use them, but it also gives the writers the chance to earn some money, by using Google AdSense program; so since then I have published about 150 hubs between the two sites that I have opened, and today I am still continuing to write whenever I feel that I have something to say, so I wish that these problem that are coming up will soon be solved, so that I could continue to use Hub Pages as I have been using for the last few years.

Anyhow what I have written above is what I am concerned these days, but I have also to say that today I am editing this hub, so I am still concerned because I still don’t understand why everything seems to be going down and there is no apparent reason and nobody has said anything to me. So since there is no real explanation I would like to explore the reasons that could have caused this change by using that little knowledge that I have read about lately in Hub Pages.

Now when I look at what I remember in Hub Pages, there has been a Hub Redesign announced the 8 of May and another one before that; so my question is here: could it be that this redesigning of Hub Pages has something to do with what is happening to my hubs, or it had to happen anyhow, because things always happen on the Internet.

But there is another thing that I have also noted; I have noted that there are no more links in the right column in Hub Pages that we could use to link what is in Hub Pages to Facebook and other public forums as well, I remember that this notice said that the links were going to be on the left column at the top, but I see no links in my Hubs, so where are the links gone, and also I am asking myself, is this the reason why everything is going down, or is there another reason that I don’t know at all, so I am wondering about this for the time being.

Anyhow I will come back soon to add any other matter that comes up and would concern Hub Pages.

I hope that some of you know the answer already to these problems above and wouldn’t mind to answer it for the benefit of all Hub writer concerned.

If this is not resolved soon, I will continue to ask question when I have more to say


Some good news and some bad news

Today I am editing this hub and I have a mix of issues to talk about, first of all I have some good news concerning hub page account, because my profiles are slowly going up again, and even though I don’t know the reasons for me it is good news, as this is a positive move in the right direction.

Today I have to say that life is a lot more complicated for people like me the average bloke, because I would like to do things on the Internet, but I don’t know enough to know how to keep out of troubles, and therefore sometimes I could get in trouble, just because I could happened to have pressed the wrong button; now here I know that you are asking yourself what I could be talking about, so let me explain the situation that I have experienced lately.

In the past I have used just a very simple mobile to keep in touch with my family members and close friends, so I thought that it was about time that I upgraded to a more advanced mobile capable to take better photos, and also able to go on the internet, so I went in the Telstra shop and bought one without asking too many questions about how to use it on the Internet; anyhow see what is happening next.

I went home and when I had some spare time I started to browse about to see how this new mobile would work, and to my surprise things suddenly seemed very bad; because suddenly there was a pop up saying you have used $100 download from Telstra, what a shock it was to learn that today you have to make gust a small mistake to lose so much money.

I don’t think this is fair, so I believe that Telstra and the manufacturer need to tell the public in advance the consequence of pushing certain buttons on the mobile, so I have complained to Telstra and I am going to write later on the outcome of my complains. So I am going to come back to add another sub article in a few days. See you soon.


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