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Anastasia Romanov Was She Anna Anderson

Mystery of Anastasia Romanov born June 18,1901 to the Tsar Nicholas II of Russia and his wife Alexandra Fyodorvna was the youngest daughter of the four daughters the couple had. Anastasia was the younger sister of Grand Duchess Tatiana, Grand Duchess Maria, and Grand Duchess Olga her only brother was Alexei Nikolaevich, Tsarevich of Russia. The claim is that on July 17, 1918 she was murdered with her entire family by the Bolshevik secret police.

Rumors continued to fly about the possibility of her survival due to nobody being able to clearly identify where her body had been located. The mass grave had been revealed in 1991 however only the mother, the father and three daughters had been located. The body of Alexei and one of his sisters had not been located.

In 2008 the Russians made claim that her possible survival had been disproved and that the remains of a young boy and a young girl's charred remains had been located near Ektarinburg in 2007 and that fact was they were the remains of Alexei and one of his four sisters. In March 2009 Michael Coble of the USAF DNA identification laboratory stated that all sister's had been accounted for and that nobody survived. Isn't this questionable? Did they run tests on the young boy to prove in fact that he was Alexei? Or was it a burial ground for two unidentified children?

Anna Anderson who resided in Charlottesville until her death in 1984 claimed that she was Anastasia Romanov and had survived the brutality of the Bolshevik Police. Why would a person who had so much knowledge of the family, friends and workers lie about who she had been? How would she have known about the crime that had been committed to her family? Media as it is known today was not made available and only Anna who claims she was Anastasia would have any type of childhood memories about her life. Why would a woman fight so hard to regain her name if she was not Anastasia Romanov? What type of tissue samplings were taken in 1984 after her death?What about her scars? Why did they wait until 1994 to test the tissue? Could there have not been a mix-up of her samples? If fingerprinting was done in 1984 finger-printing was not used in the early years of Russia so how could they have made a comparison? A hair sample would not necessarily disprove a person there isn't any widely accepted standard on how hair samples should be collected, analyzed or stored. All laboratories use different methods when testing and collecting hair samples. It is normal for two completely different laboratories to come up with two different sets of results. Seemingly since it is complicated when determining the results it is very difficult for any health care professional to determine what the results really mean. When determining paternity on a child the hair follicle root has to be in tact. Was the root in fact attached when tests had been ran to determine the outcome? The NY Times reported that DNA evidence can be fabricated to cover up the truth and inactivate genes. Anna Anderson was cremated upon her death in 1984, was permission given to take DNA tissue samples? Anastasia Romanov was alive and well in until her death, based on unreliable evidence I believe until this very day there has been a continued cover-up on her life and death. A woman such as Anna Anderson would not take the time to clear her name unless she was the last surviving Grand Duchess who was none other then Anastasia Romanov herself. Referencing wikipedia house of Romanov the truth about Anastasia Romanov still states that remains were found and that it did belong to one of the sisters, the way it is written it also appears that everyone certainly wants to close the case and deny the possibility of any survivors, as for me it will continue to remain questionable and I believe that Anna Anderson really was Anastasia Romanov why would Russia want to acknowledge the truth after all of these years? Peter Kurth has pictures that eerily match both Anastasia Romanov and Anna Anderson and has also written and concluded.

Russia was communistic before it fell and there people were freed from the hell that they endured they certainly did not keep a wonderful paper trail, our own government and Russia are now friends why would they want to provide the truth after all that would show the World that she was truly who she said she was and defame the credibility of others.

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AEvans profile image

AEvans 2 years ago from SomeWhere Out There Author

Interesting response. However, during that time there wasn't any technology and newspapers did not continually run reports. How could the same scar, appear in the same place? Mmm......

:) 2 years ago

So, what about this . . .

This polish woman is born a few years before Anastasia (in all the photographs Anna Anderson looks much older than eighteen, round about the time Anastasia died) and she has the same foot thingy Anastasia does. She becomes a factory worker and has a few accidents resulting with the odd scar. She survives the war, hears about the assassination, fakes a story about how she survived and becomes Anastasia (and even if she doesn't have any scars she could always draw some with permanat marker or something - I mean, this is 100 years after the Victorians, and they built the London underground!)

AEvans profile image

AEvans 3 years ago from SomeWhere Out There Author

wnstynd2l: Yes its active. Please share your information with us.

mondo gonz 3 years ago

awesome stuff: Romanov

wmstynd2l 3 years ago

is this hub still active.... got lots of info on this

michaelmullins207 profile image

michaelmullins207 3 years ago

Princess Diana accident: test results didn't add up there either.

Some sort of MI6 sponsored cover up ?

sarah ellis 3 years ago

Ana Anderson was a liar and an imposter i should know because nichalous II was my great great great great great uncle , the truth is the last ones to be killed were Anastsia and maria they finished anastasia with a bullet to the head maria however when the soldier shot her in the head it looked like it killed her she just was in a coma and also it just peirced her scalp a bit with alot of blood but it didn't kill her and she did manage to escape russia is just covering storys with these imposters like ana anderson to make sure no one has their family wealth and it's been like this for nearly 110 years from 1918.

Someone 3 years ago

The story is fucked up and there was a cover-up. However Anna Anderson is not the right candidate. She was in fact part of the cover-up. The cover-up began in Russia when the Bolsheviks realized they fucked up and couldn't find 2 Romanov kids whose servants had helped to escape. Later Anastasia resurfaced but the official Russian version was, all Romanovs were dead. The Anastasia candidate that knew Russian, French and English is the one you're looking for. She's dead as well now. Nobody's complaining; everyone including the British royals wanted the case closed. A substantial amount of gold and gems was acquired by the nation of Japan as well as Britain's Barings Bank on the basis that there was no surviving Romanov. There you go. They let the real Anastasia languish in a Soviet psycho-ward for 50 years.

AEvans profile image

AEvans 3 years ago from SomeWhere Out There Author

Katie: Me too. I believe that Anastasia was alive and well and that their had been a cover-up because the government would have been ashamed if millions learned the truth.

Katie 3 years ago

I forgot to add they sound the same. I don't believe she was annastaia but she may have been an ancestor an I believe that.

Katie 3 years ago

What if the Romanovs had a realative far away? Their uncle (I think) was also in the war. Say he had a .................................. wife, daughter, sis that loved Anastasia and heard of her death. She decided that the only way to stop people looking to closely and discover Anastasia, if she was still out there, would be to announce that SHE was Anastasia. I looked at the website Lexy pointed out and that confirms that she CANNOT be ANASTASIA. There are pictures of her biting her lips, but what if she was only doing that to TRY and resemble Anastasia even more? I have to admit she looks a little like her. Relatives (IM NOT SURE) look a LITTLE like family. Ours is a give away from our red hair, but mum has black-brown hair. We all have brown eyes except dad and Holly -brown. I don't know if this helps, but everyone lives in the north. ANOTHER option- perhaps she Anastasia's sister? This is an absolute wild guess, but maybe she is Anastasia (Or was) and they used make-up on her. I don't know how somebody disguises a scar. IS IT A FAKE? CAN YOU GET EQUIPMENT THAT ALLOWS YOU TO FOUND OUT WHAT TIME IT WAS MADE TAHT CONFIRMS IT? DID THEY MEASURE THE POSSIBLE ALEXEI'S BODY? WERE THERE ANY CUTS? DID NURSES 9PROBABLY DIDN'T) MAYBE CHECK FOR A HEART DISEASE OR SOMETHING? The realitive idea also shows why she fought so hard for something she wasn't and she new she wasn't. Family will know for sure. But, probably the most likely... IT WAS ALL FAME, GOLD AND GLORY, EVEN THOUGH SHE DOES NOT RESEMBLE ANASTASIA, BUT SHE FOUGHT SO HARDFOR IT? SO PEOPLE WOULD say THAT SHE FOUGHT SO HARD THAT SHE HAD TO BE? IT'S a MYSTERY, AND I DOUBT ANYONE WILL EVER UNEARTH THE TRUTH.

Ingrid 3 years ago

Hi everyone! I'm fourteen, and very interested in the Romanov family. As for this topic, it is also debatable to whether it was Maria Romanov (the third sister) or Anastasia Romanov (the fourth) in the charred remains with their brother, Alexei. As for her death, the people who killed the Romanov family were very drunk at the time, and said they shot Nicholas II first, then Alexei, Olga and Tatiana (at the same time) and then there was a break of three minutes, in which the shooters went outside to wait for the smoke of bullets to clear. During this time, Maria and Anastasia hid under a window. When they came back in, they shot both Maria and Anastasia. The women were wearing elaborate jewels under their dresses, which allowed them to survive the first set of bullets. The shooters aimed the guns at their hearts, which when shot, would produce the least amount of blood flow. This did not work, because they were protected by their jewels. Then, the shooters aimed guns at their skulls. They said that all girls were dead when they left the room, except two, when one sat up and screamed and the other moaned loudly and shifted slightly. The shooters both hit them in the back of the head until they went silent. Most investigators think that the screaming one was Maria, and the moaning one was Anastasia. Although the shooters said that the women were shot in the skull, one brain remains not touched, as if they were not attacked at all. Due to bone shape, this is supposed to be either Tatiana or Anastasia. Maria was shot in the skull, and Olga died instantly. The two charred remains of the bodies of Alexei and one of the sisters are too weak to determine how they died. As for Anna Anderson, they did not test her DNA, after she died. They tested her uncle's DNA, and if tested of her own, would it prove to be one of the royal family? Although the chances of this are very slim, because the investigators say that the bodies were MOST LIKELY to be royalty, although I'm open to any other suggestions. As for the skull that remains untouched; could this be one of the family's servants, or could it be Tatiana's or Anastasia's? Please reply with your ideas!

Katie 3 years ago

I think Anna Anderson might have been Aanastasia because pictures have that she has curly hair and that hair could easily have been put up to make short-and they both have black hair. If Ana Anderson was a Russian expert it might have just been a coincidence. It would be a perfect chance to get some fame, and she would have known all about what happened to the real Annastasia, Olga, Maria, Tansia, Alexei, Alexandra, and the tsar. If you look at that website you'll see the picture of story behind it. How did she come to meet Olga if she was dead? That just sounds like a daily newspaper in Russia, but they probably wouldn't have that stuff. Anyway, how did Anastasia get out from the building, which would have been swarming with guards? Anyway, Anastasia would have been dead. I don't see how a lost princess could have been disguised as a Polish peasont that has DNA.

Samantha 3 years ago

What I'm curious about is why they wanted to kill her and her family.

Maggie 3 years ago

I think that Anna Anderson was Anastasia because of the many similarities between the two. the night that the family was executed Anastasia had a sash made of jewels under her dress protecting her from harm (in this case bullets). this sash was happened to be placed where they were aiming to shoot her. they wanted to shoot her in the heart to limit blood flow. scientist got a replica of this sash and put it on a manikin using the same types of bullets. after they shot it, it looked like it would have just been a very minor injury. this sash could have saved Anastasia's life. when they took the body's far away to be burned and buried,there was a rumor that one of the people who took them captive helped her escape. so Anna Anderson very well may have been Anastasia. no one really knows the final answers because scientists found remains very close to the czar and his wife and few attendants. and it happened to be a female.

Darryl Coffey 4 years ago

Anastasia did survive, she escaped to Alaska on a remote island where she lived amongst the eskimos

Linda 4 years ago

Check out the HMS Marlborough, a ship without a flag or escort sent by King George of England who is a direct relative of HIM Maria Romanov, a Danish Princess. Aboard was one young girl named Anastasia. Also aboard was HIM Maria Romanov, paternal grandmother to the Royal Romanov children. Look into Prince Waldemar of Prussia b 1868 and Wilhelm II of Germany and his 6 siblings. Also of Germany, Grand Duke Ernest Ludwig of Hesse & by Rhine, older brother of Alexandra, wife of Nicholas II of Russia.

Her Imperial Highness Marie of of Russia, formerly Princess Maria of Denmark is an MT DNA haplogroup "T2". She is the mother of Tsar Nicholas II and was married to Alexander Romanov III, father of Tsar Nicholas II.

Why were the Bolsheviks in New York City during the administration of J. Edgar Hoover, CIA? Who were they hunting?

The Romanov's have been a dynasty since 1613.

Also check out the HMS Lord Nelson destined for Genoa at the time of the Russian Revolution. Perhaps the revolution was not as terrible as most think; maybe it was their way of creating changes of a positive nature to bring the Russian economy and peoples into greater prosperity and cultural updates.

In one book that I read, it stated that Tsar Nicholas II had a heart attack sometime around the end of the war with Germany, which they supposedly lost. (remember, Tsar Nicholas II's wife is Alexandra, a German Princess).

There are numerous books on the market about this great family.

There are numerous theories as to what truly happened to the Romanov's.

From what I read, here is my conclusion.

Nicholas and Alexandra were in constant communication via letters during the frequent wars which Nicholas was in command of. ( Japan & Germany) Alexandra was working on a way to get the family to safety. While in the house that held them captive, they would get supplies and food from the community of church goers. The Bolshevik commander in charge of them had recently been to Berlin and became a convert to the Lutheran Church. The priests from the local church came to the house to give them communion and preach to them. Someone, unknown and un-named was writing to Alexandra to inform her that they were working on a way to free her and her family. The scene was already set up and on a given day the imposters came and switched clothes, places and identities with the Romanov's. One the last Sunday or day before the slaughter, the priests came and gave the sermon. On leaving the priests reflected that the family did not sing. The Tsar was not wearing his St. George Cross. The Bolshevik commander had taken the cross of St. George from the imposter Tsar and put it into a box with the rest of the families jewelry. The priests noted that the family did not seem to be the same.

The next day those brave souls were killed to protect the Imperial Royal Family.

AEvans profile image

AEvans 4 years ago from SomeWhere Out There Author

michael, Thank you so much for sharing! That is an amazing story and a wonderful lineage. :)

michael e. goldberg 4 years ago

How about this - she lived and came to the US and met up with Gleb Botkin and together with a group that supported her she filed a lawsuit against the British banks to get the Royal funds back. She went by the name anna anderson, which she changed from Anna Tchicovsky. They used a substitute to play the role of anna anderson- a polish factory worker who bore a slight resemblace to her. The true anastasia went by the name of edith seligman and lived in lousiville ky where she had a a husband and two chidlren and eight granchildren and fourteen great grandchildren. She died in 1969 aroudn the same time as gle botkin after they lost the case. I am her first, firstborn grandson and found all this out after I had been poisoned and near death and did an investigation. My grandmother chose life and family and enjoyment rather than spending all her time in court. Plus it would have been risky. See the photos of anna anderson and ann tchaicovsky. They are different people.

... 4 years ago

I took a whole class on this one case in particular and I found it very interesting, but after Anna Andersons death her mitochondrial DNA was tested and she was not related to the Romanovs. The scar that she claimed was a bullet scar was actually the scar from a factory explosion she had been in years earlier. Anna Anderson in fact, was NOT Anastasia Romanov.

AEvans profile image

AEvans 4 years ago from SomeWhere Out There Author

callum keene: Thank you for commenting. :)

callum keene 4 years ago

not real

AEvans profile image

AEvans 4 years ago from SomeWhere Out There Author

Ivory: Isn't it interesting?

Ivory 4 years ago

I read that article too and I was reading the wikipedia page of Grand Duchess Anastasia and pictures are really the same..

AEvans profile image

AEvans 4 years ago from SomeWhere Out There Author

XYlee: Thank you so much! :)

Xylee 4 years ago

Try to check this article out and coordinate with the writer.

AEvans profile image

AEvans 4 years ago from SomeWhere Out There Author

renato besa: Wow! That is amazing; thanks so much for all of this information. :)

AEvans profile image

AEvans 4 years ago from SomeWhere Out There Author

renato besa: Thank you so much for sharing that information. I have always believed she survived and there was to much cover-up during that Era. I will glad check it out. :)

renato besa 4 years ago

this is related with my earlier comment about Anastasia Romanov of the late Tsarist emperor of Russia.according to the surviving granddaughter who appeared in the news of the Philippines Daily Inquirer,her grandmama named Tasia was brought to the Philippines in 1918 secretly during the Bolshevic revolt in Russia at the port in Manila as related by her mother,who were Anastasia's daughter.They had lived in secrecy because she thought the Russians were still looking for her grandmama and might kill her.

renato besa 4 years ago to the author of this item about Anastasia Romanov of the Tsarist Empire of Russia,there is a story circulating in the web now that Tasia or Anastasia was indeed a survivor, residing in the Philippines to date. you can connect to or subscribe to Miss Emily A. Abrera of the Philippine Daily Inquirer newspaper or e-mail the the granddaughter of grandmama Anastasia at

AEvans profile image

AEvans 4 years ago from SomeWhere Out There Author

yosef: Wow! When did you obtain her signature? Now that is very interesting that Anna was a nurse, how come these details have not ever been told? I am in Awe. :)

yosef 4 years ago

I have Anastasia Romonov's autobiography and it is signed by her. My hnvle was the attache to the russiab ambassador dhrkng the revolution and he had met the royal family. He helped Anastasia Rkmonkv escape frlm Russia to the USA. Anastasia says that Anna Anderskn was a nurse in the familg and that is why she knew of the family's intimate details and that she attemlted to impersonate her.

AEvans profile image

AEvans 4 years ago from SomeWhere Out There Author

Cookey: I have no problem with you plugging the tour. Thanks for making people aware of it. :)

Cookey 4 years ago

Anastasia - Back by popular demand?. This hugely successful, sell-out play which captivated Russian and English speaking audiences alike in 2009/2010 returns March 26th - April 21st 2012. See it now before it tours to Russia in 2013 as part of the Romanov 400th anniversary celebrations.?The whole first floor of Pushkin House in Bloomsbury will become the setting of this honest and beautiful exploration of the suffering, loss and also hope not only of a royal family but an entire Russian generation. Tickets available on ticketmaster & ticket web.

AEvans profile image

AEvans 4 years ago from SomeWhere Out There Author

russiancanadian: That is interesting but were the from Russia or originally from Poland? Missing links of what family?

russiancanadian 4 years ago

my grandmother anastasia pac and her brother joe came to sask years ago...... they have since passed on. they were very quiet about their past in poland in fact we do not have any relitives at all the family tree ends with them..

i have a suspicion that they in fact are the missing links.

we only heard one story about grandma pulling uncle joe off a pile of dead bodies other than that we know nothing of their past nor would they talk about it.

their resemblance in pictures are amazing.

as a kid she didn't have that much money but when family dinner she had the finest formal dinners and she would be dressed amazing

she looked alot older than she said she was as i look at pictures of me and her as a baby and she looked very very old!

she was very short and a tough she enjoyed her cherry brandy and a bit of the pipe !

i dont know about any scars or club foot but im sure i could find out

it makes me wonder.....

my dad was o negative blood


AEvans profile image

AEvans 4 years ago from SomeWhere Out There Author

anastasia: Many of us agree because there was not any technology and Anna had so much knowledge, there isn't anyway she was not Anastasia. But of course this is a subject where people will agree and disagree.:)

anastasia 4 years ago

Anna Anderson was Anastasia Romanov, not Franiska. I looked at a photo of Frnaiska when she was little and a photo of Anna and Little Franiska's ear did not resemble Anna Anderson's ear. Also, the DNA, was contaminated, and the 44 bone fragments found cannot be Anastasia because there is no complete skull, not enough evidence. The photos of Franiska has been retouched. Franiska was supposed to be 16 in that picture, but she looks like a twenty year old. Anna is Anastasia!

emmy 4 years ago

I am sorry, but I do not believe that this Anna Anderson is Anastasia. Sorry. Even though I have pretty much no facts on this except that DNA tests were done on Anna Anderson by Russians and the United States to prove that she was not Anastasia, you just have to look at all these other facts and examples everyone else is presenting. Looking at pictures, they do not look too similar. Anna probably did it for fame and money. She isn't Anastasia. It was proven. I don't believe the DNA tests and stuff was faked. Anastasia died during the shooting along with everyone else in her family. It's sad, but true.

AEvans profile image

AEvans 4 years ago from SomeWhere Out There Author

She has always intrigued me. There wasn't any technology back then, so I could not ever figure out how she knew so much. Mmmmmm...

KoffeeKlatch Gals profile image

KoffeeKlatch Gals 4 years ago from Sunny Florida

Its a very interesting question. I'm afraid it will never be proved to our satisfaction. One does wonder how she knew so much about family amtters and have such sclear memories.

darkness 5 years ago

anna what her name is she ISN'T anastasia!!!! she is a fraud! just sayin! i dont believe she is. i think just wants the money and the fame because she is broke nad have no home. she is a homeless person and wants money. thats what i think of her.

Tepen 5 years ago

It is not common for someone who mentally unstable to pick up someone elses life and live like them when the other persons life seem so much better or could get better but to some one who has been ether torchered to believe or just had a hard enough life to change and she (anna) was proven not to be and specking in possibilities it could be the fact that since two of the bodies were badly burnt it could have been an illegitament child with a servent because that was not unheard of back then plus their sevents doctor and cook was killed with them. They could not say for sure if it was her only that the dna matched that of living relatives since reports of back then that some of the bodies had been shot in the head that includes anastasia and maria tho the bodys they say is that both dont have a gun shots to the head when maria is suppose to have multipule but the bodies of anastasia and her brother aren't complete ether their as they say "fragmented" but in the end this case has to many lies to pick out the truth especially since it was a time when finger prints were not used in russia and the government finally leaking info on it sounds to suspious when some secret police were rumored to be drunks and were drunk at the time of their death. Theirs just to many factors to be include she may have survived just as she may not have but if i was her and survived i would have not even told anyone who I was being afriad to trust anyone so that I could just keep on living. It is rumored that the children did not have proper beds to sleep on but camping cots that is still a rumor from servents that had worked their they even didn't have their own rooms they shared the two eldest and the two youngest the some probally had his own room tho. But this come from a 19 year old girl who spent five years translating websites and researching the family

Lynne 5 years ago

Okay, I have not read all of your comments, so if I repeat myself I apologize...

When the initial mass grave was found and bodies identified, Alexei (the youngest and only boy) and EITHER Maria or Anastasia was missing. Because all of the daughters would show the same markers for being related to the parents, the only way they had a clue who was missing was based on the size of the bosy; it had to be one of the youngest two girls.

NOW... when two additional bodies were found in the 1990s, DNA research was done on them by BOTH Russian scientists and American ones. This makes a "cover up" very difficult. Their findings were heavily covered by several different countries and all of their research is archived. While it is still impossible to determine which of the two girls was burned and buried serparately with her brother, all members of the family have been found and identified. They all died that night.

Anna Anderson's DNA has, since her death, been tested. She is of no relation to the Romanovs.

I am a history teacher who not only holds a history degree, but one of my undergrad theses was written on this subject. I sort of know what I am talking about. There are no surviving Romanovs.

m.j. 5 years ago

The actual answer is that Anna Anderson was a fraud. She was a different person who looked exactly like Anastasia because she worked in a grenade factory. The only reason why she stuck with trying to be Anastasia Romonov is for the money.

sundee barbero 5 years ago

i want to thank you for your comments. i want to believe in my heart that anderson was anastasia. this will always be a mystery to many of us because of the fact that we don't reall know what happened on July16/17, 1918. i've been looking more into this subject and will admit that anderson did have many of the same scars as the grand duchess. the question in my head is why wait all those years to come forward? and if she was the grand duchess why wasn't she worried about what would become of her once she said who she was?

AEvans profile image

AEvans 5 years ago from SomeWhere Out There Author

Lauren: Read the mystery of Anastasia Romanov. It appears at the end of her life that she resided in the United States.

Matt: I could not agree with you more. :)

sundee barbero: Governments in general always cover-up secrets. Technology was not rampant in the 80's or 90's so Anna Anderson I still believe was Anastasia to much knowledge and pictures are to similar for me not to believe. But others will also have their opinions. :)

sundee barbero 5 years ago

i myself would like to believe that anastasia survived the brutal murder, but after doing some research on her i now truly believe that she died alongside the rest of her family. i have for so long now believed that anna anderson was anastasia but dna says different. who are we to disagree with that? i don't believe anyone was given permission to test anderson's dna. many mistakes have been made. why if anderson was anastasia would she wait 4-5 years before finally making the claim? She still knew that Russia was under communists control. she had first hand knowledge if she was anastasia how russia dealt with threats. i believe in my heart that anderson was fed everything she needed to know about the grand duchess childhood to have believed she was really the grand duchess herself. i only wish that anastasia may finally have the peace she so desired for in the final days of her life. whether it have been in 1918 or 1984.

Matt 5 years ago

Although I don't know if Anna was Anastasia, I do think it is possible that she survived. However if Anastasia did survive she would have deep psychological problems. It would not be too surprising to find Anastasia in some random Asylum somewhere. I find it somewhat suspicious that they found the graves of the royal family in 1991, yet magically found the body of Anastasia nearly 20 years later. The brutal slaughter of the Romanov's family is the shame of the Communists. Even though the USSR fell, the same people are still in power. And the USSR was notorious for cover ups and rewriting their own history. Both time and fire can destroy DNA and it can be faked. The Russia could easily give the US DNA from another royal family member to fake Anastasia’s DNA. History is very good at keeping her secrets.

Lauren 5 years ago

Would some one please tell me where anastasia ran away to if she did surrvive

AEvans profile image

AEvans 5 years ago from SomeWhere Out There Author

zoe: It is interesting. She was in her right mind, so I do believe she was Anastasia. To much in common and you cannot create a clubbed foot. She knew way to much about her life and there wasn't any Internet then. :)

zoe 5 years ago

Maybe Anderson wasn't Anastsia but why did she have that memerey as if she was?? And how come she had a deformed foot like Anastsia and a docter say that she was Anastsia or her twin? One other thing...she knew a few langages which was not comman for a factory worker. Why would she fight so hard like that all her life for a name that maybe would't do her good? And maybe she looked 30-40 because she was stressed and she was aferad or some people look old for her age.

AEvans profile image

AEvans 5 years ago from SomeWhere Out There Author

annie: The pic that you see above is actually a pic of Anastasia when she was young. The link you clicked through was a link from a wonderful writer who wrote about Anastasia. We are not affiliated however he did give permission for me to link his work to this article. There are many who believe that Anna Anderson was her and others who do believe it all. That is what makes it a mystery, but thanks for stopping by. :)

siobhan eyers: Really? Interesting. Can you provide any type of support for that comment? That could be something to debate with others. Thank you for your comment too. :)

siobhan eyers 5 years ago

i don,t think anna anderson was anastasia at all anastastia was much smaller

annie 5 years ago

hi your article was written well. i did believe that anderson was anastasia but now that i when to your last link in your article i'm not sure. they were absolutly horrible pictures-foggy,anderson's chin and mouth were covered up in i don't think that you can really use them to support your case.

AEvans profile image

AEvans 5 years ago from SomeWhere Out There Author

priviet: First I do know many Russian people and they are my friends. They also agree that there Country was covering up things to protect themselves. All Countries do. You spelled Racism incorrectly however it is not a racial discussion. It is a discussion based on opinions. Racism : a belief or doctrine that inherent differences among the various human races determine cultural or individual achievement, usually involving the idea that one's own race is superior and has the right to rule others. There is the definition of racism. This article is based on opinion not race. Thanks for commenting.

priviet 5 years ago

i was just woundering if you know many Russian people.?

a lot of your comments are a bit unfair.. russians are always trying to hide something so on so forth. i agree that the nastia story is very sad one. but you cant put everyone under one title. i think its called rasism when you do that.

Rebekah 5 years ago

This was a very interesting article, and i truly do think the mystery is facinating. I'm not sure if you are right or wrong about Anna and Anastasia being one in the same however. That's not to say i don't believe there is a possibility, but your article didn't convince me. You don't have any real evidence to back up your claims... in fact you seemed to be saying the same line over and over: why would she lie? There's plenty of reasons she could have if you allow yourself to consider the possibilities. Maybe she wanted a little fame, or possibly she wanted in on the wealth that had belonged to the Romanov's. You. Don't. Know. The article would have been stronger if you'd given reasons why she couldn't have just been making it up. Instead you ended up giving reason why the government POSSIBLY might have screwed up or covered it up. You wrote an article saying Anastasia MIGHT have been Anna rather than offering up why she WAS Anna. We already knew that, we want facts. All in all not a bad piece of writing, but next time don't keep repeating the same argument and give more cold hard facts; it makes for a better read.

myrtha 5 years ago

sin duda para mi anna era anastasia pero la codicia y la politica d todos los gobiernos les permite decir lo q ellos quieran sobre anna o anastasia sin importar destruir honor,prestigio.el gobierno solo queria el tes oro real.

Silver Poet profile image

Silver Poet 5 years ago from the computer of a midwestern American writer

Very interesting. Thanks for writing. I was glad to learn more about Anastasia's story.

A.L.S. 5 years ago

I need more facts I am doing a report in Anastasia Romavon

seeker61 5 years ago

I saw the original movie with Ingrid Bergman and Yul Brenner. Even though it portrayed Anna in a less than favorable light I tended to believe because as you said why would a woman fight so hard to proove something that isn't true. Than I saw the TV movie and it changed my opinion from being that it was possible that Anna was who she claimed to be to a believer that she was absolutely who she claimed to be. After I read Peter Kurth's book and saw the pictures of both Anastasia and Anna Anderson I was even more convinced than ever if that is possible that Anna Anderson was who she claimed to be. In the end I think that barring an admission from the Romanov family or the Russian Government that there was indeed a conspiracy to deny Anna's claim we will never know for sure if it was true but I for onw will never stop believing Anna Anderson was indeed exactly who she claimed to be. As for why various parties would want to deny Anna's claim I can not say why the current Russian governnent would want to cover it up especially since the direct Romanov line died with Anna Anderson. As for the Communists They were searching for legitimacy if there were no direct decendents of the Tsar living the counter revolution that was going on in the early 1920s would die and they would be one step closer to the legitimacy they sought. When it comes to the Romanov family and why they would deny Anna's claim I think at least part of the reason is greed. At the time of his murder Tsar Nicholas was one of the wealthiest men in the world. While a substantial part of his fortune was lost to the communists after they took power in Russia I would be willing to bet that like other European Monarchs a sizable portion of his estate was safely invested in other countries. Then there was the question of succession. If none of the Tsars children were to survive it would leave the question of succession open if the communists were to fail. This of course is just speculation on my part and can no more be proven than Anna Anderson's true Identity.

qw 5 years ago

romanovs have got a noble girl baby.they sent the baby to rasputins relatives in the wine basket (under the botles) They were take her bulgaria and they were give her a turkish family(bektashi religions(she did not make,join rutiels all her lifelong)).the turkish family grove day she maried and her husband and their 6 suns,2 douthers went in turkey 1953 and she died in turkey. she said again and again “I am gallers princess”all her lifelong. may be feodravna or may be one members of the OTMA was mother of the baby who can believe but god knows

Lily Boraks 5 years ago

I agree that DNA can be tampered with. I also agree that truth can be an embarrassment to many. Summers & Mangold said it well - that it would take a computer to work out the odds against a total imposter achieving so many coincidences as found between Anna Anderson & Grand Duchess Anastasia....identification work, handwriting evidence, recognition by so many witnesses...Herluf Zahle did much research for the royal family of Denmark & said @ 1976: "I have done my utmost that my royal house may be blameless in the eyes of history. If the Russian imperial family wishes one of its members to die in the gutter, there is nothing I can do."

AEvans profile image

AEvans 5 years ago from SomeWhere Out There Author

DNA can be tainted and when Anna Anderson passed away DNA did not exist, therefore we cannot speak for her. One could believe that Russia can also claim they located all of them, but something tells me that the government has there hand in it and they will say anything to close the case. If anyone clicks on the link above, they will find an eery reseemblance. mmmmmm...

Yuriy 5 years ago

Anna Anderson may have believed she was the Grand Duchess Anastasia, but like all the other claimants, she too was an imposter.

DNA was sent and analyzed in four different labs, both Russian and American; the result being unanimous. All four concluded the truth: Anna Anderson was not related to the Romanov Family.

If the DNA had been contaminated or tampered with in any way or if a mistake (however minuscule) had been made, the possibility of all four labs coming to the exact same conclusion is nonexistant.

I am of the opinion Anna Anderson knew that had she willingly submitted to DNA testing whilst she was alive she would be exposed, and that's why upon her death her wish was to be cremated.

She probably believed having her remains cremated would cement her lie and that nobody would be able to disprove her claim (completely unaware a sample of her intestinal tissue was still present in hospital storage from a past operation), ironically the real Anastasia, being Russian Orthodox would never have been cremated as it goes against the Russian Orthodoxy laws.

Either way, it really doesn't matter who Anna Anderson was (Polish factory worker Franziska or not) the remains of the entire Imperial Family have been recovered, Anastasia included.

So even without the DNA tests excluding Anna Anderson as Anastasia (and the fact the woman looked absolutely nothing like the Grand Duchess), she could not have been who she claimed.

Mysteries are fun to believe in, even when they are solved.

The truth, however, cannot be denied.

Renee 5 years ago

I find this very interesting... I have always been facinated when I saw the movie, and a few weeks ago at school we read a short story about a boy decsended of Alexei. I am always curious to know more.

I am really unsure of what to believe, perhaps Anne was right, she had justifying information, but anyone could if they looked in the right places. Surely they compared her to Anastasia's looks, at least? I guess we will never know.

Little Angel 5 years ago

i cant find eney thing.:(

soccermonkey49494949494949 5 years ago

i think that we sould do research to found out what real happen

soddermonkey4444 5 years ago

i think its real

little Angel 5 years ago

i think anna is sooo funny!

ChatNoir 5 years ago

To really learn about Anastasia and Anna Anderson, read Peter Kurth's: "Anastasia, the Riddle of Anna Anderson", and then read King and Wilson's: "The Resurrection of the Romanovs".

little Angel 5 years ago


little Angel 5 years ago


little Angel 5 years ago

i now this becas(

little Angel 5 years ago

Denitri was not made up he is real but thay are not sher if he did save her butt they fownd her bodey in 2008.He mite have but i am not sher.

Violet18191 5 years ago

Please will somebody help me out. I've only just heard about this Mystey last night. I was watching the movie with my little sister and I was thinking, I no its based about the real anastasia but was any of it really true. I no that the evil man wasn't true but what about demitri. Did he acctually save them, did he acctually take her all the way to paris, have all the train problems and everything along the way. And last of all did they acctually fall in love. I love learning about different times in history but this is one that just amazes me.

ed 5 years ago

I am currently working on a one woman show about Anastasia i find myself believing she survived if only for the fact that i want to believe there is some good in humanity and as Lincoln said we all have in us " the better angles of our nature" , and that every fathers little girl is a princess who is alive and that if we are to survive as humans than we have in all of us some quality on the divine. if i am to believe they all died, than i must conclude that there is no hope for humanity and it will all end in ashes and tears

megan 6 years ago

I don't believe that Anna Anderson was Anastasia, i looked her up on the internet and on many websites it has said that Anna Anderson couldn't even speak russian. Even though i dont believe about Anna Anderson being Anastasia, i still like to think that she did survive. :D

stella 6 years ago

em: i understand that you can't always back up your facts with pictures, but explain this why did they find the last two missing romanov bodies in 2007 long after anna anderson was cremated. i'm sure you have a great explaination. please share.

netty 6 years ago

im pleased that i read the different views of what people thought and still think about annastasyia i often wonder what was is still the truth. i hope with all my heart that anna anderson was annastasyia and that she lived a fullfilling life to her end god rest her soul and lets all hope thats the end of speculation.

em 6 years ago

hey stella, were you actually there when they pulled anna out of the water? I don't think so, unless you were in berlin in 1920 and happened to be walking by. and happened to hear them say to each other "Wow, she looks like she is 30-40 years old, not 18-20." or better yet, maybe you were one of those who rescued her.

and something else, who are you to say if anna is not annastasia. and based on some pictures that you saw on the web. of her lips that looked bigger than annastasia's. and let me guess, you compared these photos of anna (that you got on the web) with photos of grand duchess annastasia ... that you found on the web, i'm guessing.

stella 6 years ago

i beleive that anderson wasn't anistasia because when anderson was pulled out of the river she tried to commite suicide in they said that she looked more like a 30 or 40 year old than a 18-20 year old girl plus there are some pictures on the web that shows anderson's lips wre way too big to be anistasia's.she bit her lips to make them smaller. please comment

khjg 6 years ago

romanovs have got a noble girl baby.they sent the baby to rasputins relatives in the wine basket (under the botles) They were take her bulgaria and they were give her a turkish family(bektashi religions(she did not make,join rutiels all her lifelong)).the turkish family grove day she maried and her husband and their 6 suns,2 douthers went in turkey 1953 and she died in turkey. she said again and again “I am gallers princess”all her lifelong. may be feodravna or may be one members of the OTMA was mother of the baby who can believe but god knows

ChatNoir 6 years ago

As for the ears, Professor Moritz Furtmayr stated in the 1970s that the ears of Anna Anderson and Anastasia matched on 17 anatomical points. A later study, headed by Dr. Vanezis, came to the conclusion that the ears seemed identical. The people who recognized her as the Tsar's daughter, were Gleb and Tatiana Botkin, the children of the court physician, the Tsarina's old friend, Lili Dehn, her "uncle" Grand Duke Andrew and the soldier Captain Felix Dassel. Her aunt Olga said upon their meeting that "My heart tells me that the little one is Anastasia", and Anastasia's old teacher, Pierre Gilliard, referred to Anna Anderson as "The Grand Duchess". They both left Berlin without being able to say that she was not Anastasia. But three months afterwards, they changed their opinion and stated that there was no likeness between the patient in Berlin and Grand Duchess Anastasia. In spite of the Hallux Valgus of the feet, which was confirmec by Mrs. Gilliard, and the other bodily scars, hair color etc. etc.

angela_michelle profile image

angela_michelle 6 years ago from United States

I too believe that she was truly Anna Anderson. I wish that there was a way to know for sure, but this will be a mystery that will never truly be uncovered. :)

Miss L 6 years ago

This is another interesting article that discusses Anne Anderson meeting some of the people from Anastasia's life. It is worth noting that some swore it was the czar's daughter while other's described Anderson as a wonderful actress.

Miss L 6 years ago

it's nice to think that anastasia survived, but the odds are really stacked against it. Think about it; the Cheka were ruthless and willing to do whatever was necessary in their quest for power. The possibility of a teenage girl and her hemophiliac brother escaping their murderers is pretty slim, but anything could have happened. Somebody out there must know the truth though. Personally, i don't think Anderson was Anastasia, but i guess only a few (if any) people know the truth behind her identity. Nice job on the article btw. :)

JP 6 years ago

she is not annastasia...Scientist have analyzed the ears of Anna Anderson and Annastasia and they have very different ears and this is accurate because a persons ears dont change. And on top of this the ear comparisons were done in the 1950s before photoshop and then again in the 1990s and they both concluded that Anna Anderson and Annastasia are two different people. Also the Bolsheviks have said that they killed both Alexei and Annastasia and cremated them and spread their ashes around russia

ChatNoir 6 years ago

Strange story, isn't it.

As far as likeness, Dr. Eyckstedt, his assistant Prof. Klenke, Prof. Reche and Prof. Furtmayr all found the faces of Anna Anderson and Anastasia to be indentical. Prof. Furtmayr and Dr. Vanezis found their ears to be identical. Anna Anderson and Anastasia shared the same scars, (one on the shoulder from a cauterized mole, one on the left ring finger from a carriage accident, and one on the forehead from a fall in childhood.)The two women had the same hair color, the same eye color, apparently the same height, and most strangely of all: They both had congenital, bilateral Hallux Valgus of the feet. They both spoke good English and Russian, and bad German. Anastasia also spoke French, and there is evidence that Anna Anderson also spoke it, but we don't really know how well.

AEvans profile image

AEvans 6 years ago from SomeWhere Out There Author

megan: Thank you for your thoughts but she could have truly been. Anastasia's friend does seem to know things you may never know. Read above you.

Dayana: You just never know.

Dayana 6 years ago

Oh my Godess this is so interesting I hope that some day the tries will cone out

megan 6 years ago

anastasia's friend anna anderson was not anastsia there is no way she lived through that. plus all the bones were located in 2007 so anderson couldn't have been her. get your facts straight.

AEvans profile image

AEvans 6 years ago from SomeWhere Out There Author

Anastasia's friend: If you go to the top of this hub and to the right it says 'Contact AEvans' you can e-mail me through there.

Anastasia´s friend 6 years ago

I need an e-mail address or phone number.

AEvans profile image

AEvans 6 years ago from SomeWhere Out There Author

Anastasia's friend: You are welcome to e-mail I would enjoy reading what you have to say.

Anastasia´s friend 6 years ago

I would like to share more info with you. Is there any other way we can talk?

AEvans profile image

AEvans 6 years ago from SomeWhere Out There Author

Anastasia's Friend: I am so happy that you agree.

Anastasia´s friend 6 years ago

Anna Anderson was indeed Anastasia. I am glad to find your blog.

The truth will soon be revealed...

Anastasia´s friend 6 years ago

AEvans, you are correct.

AEvans profile image

AEvans 6 years ago from SomeWhere Out There Author

Rolly: I absolutely agree with you, cover-ups happen often and the mystery is not resolved for centuries.

hannah: You have to remember during the CZAR and until 1991 when they became a non-communistic Country they would do anything to make the people believe there story. When a Country was ruled the way they were, cover-up is only evident.

hannah 6 years ago

sometimes dna is sometimes not so i guess dna doesn't prove anything now but think really hard why would the russian government cover things like this up? maybe they weren't maybe it's people today saying they did. you wouldn't know.

Rolly  6 years ago

If you do not think the Governmant would not cover up something like this, then you really need to do some research on the history of government cover ups. The powers that be could have easily made a deal/threatened a relative of the Schanzkowska's, placed some hair in a book and then go and make up a story about it being found in her late husbands book.

AEvans profile image

AEvans 6 years ago from SomeWhere Out There Author

hannah: What makes you believe that? Sometimes DNA is tampered with, you know that based on people being placed in prison when they have been innocent. You don't think there was possibly a cover-up? Think about what would happen if the truth would be known.

Sasha: It is a fascinating hitory and a questionable one. People still tend debate her to this very day. :)

Sasha 6 years ago

I've read that Anna Anderson was a woman named Franziska Schanzkowska, and that she appeared to be a harmless fake in spite of her claims to be Anastasia. Apparently, she professed to be Anastasia to the end. It's all horrible and violent, but fascinating history. The assassination and the end of the Romanovs was part of murdered Rasputin's prophesy.

hannah 6 years ago

well sometimes your gut is wrong there is no way anastasia lived all bones were found they belonged to all romanov's ANNA ANDERSON WAS LYING

AEvans profile image

AEvans 6 years ago from SomeWhere Out There Author

lexy: You are welcome! :)

wilkerson: I believe they sometimes tell us what they believe we wish to hear and not always the truth. How many of us can determine DNA? I have gotten to the point that I don't always believe what they say and will question the facts. There is always a cover-up going on somewhere and somehow they manage to always discredit the truth so that people put it to rest. For some reason I honestly believe that Anna Anderson was Anastasia and when you go with your gut then you know something is wrong with their truths. Thank you however for your thoughts on Anna. :)

wilkerson 6 years ago

AEvans I am not so sure why you are CERTAIN Anna Anderson was Anastasia Romanoff. Read, I Am Anastasia, Krug Von Nidda, File on The Tsar, The Anthony Summers & Tom Mangold, or Russian Revolution, The, Alan Moorehead or Tragic Dynasty, The, John Bergamin. Anna Anderson was married to John Manahan and lived in Virginia until she passed in '84. In the recent past bones, DNA etc. has been proven that "Mrs. Manahan" was NOT Anastasia. Many movies, books, and documentaries have been written about this subject. You just have to go with you heart I guess.

lexy 6 years ago

thank you for checking out the pics and responding

AEvans profile image

AEvans 6 years ago from SomeWhere Out There Author

lexy: You are so welcome and I also enjoyed the comparison and the pics. :)

britany: You are also welcome and both of you made it a great debate, for all of us seek the truth. :)

Pixie676: That is a very good question and why would a story be written about her if there was not enough evidence to disprove the theory? :)

pixi676 profile image

pixi676 6 years ago

good point AEvans. i think its like you say-it is a mystery. if she is still out there alive it would be a miracle but i guess its so interesting to me that i just cant fathom she'd be dead unless that woman really was her. there is a lot of evidence that leads to her being Anastasia. i guess i like the idea of her being alive still cause i guess you could say im a fan of her mystery. also though it still is a mystery about the brother. did they prove it was him or is he still out there too? if so will he come forward? why is there not much mention of him if he was in the same situation as his sister?

britany 6 years ago

thank you lexy and AEvans for your opinions and answer.

lexy 6 years ago

yes pics can be motified but this link was made by a person seeking the truth. the objective that she has laid out is to show another side of evidence and these pictures are 110% real she works hard to show the truth not a lie and when you go to this website look through it all. pluse i went to your posteed link for peter kurth and the pictures that were used are pictures that no one would be able to compare because the pictures of anastasia are blured and in few of the pictures ana anderson is covering up the bottom half of her face so these pictures can prove nothing these have many fooled especially the blured ones but not me and britany, annie, and miranda jst because she says they look alike doesn't give her reason enough to believe that they are the same person and still if she knows alot about the family dose NOT mean she is a romanov. pluse not all of the family did die that night like her grandmother she died sometime later so thank you for listening or well reading my point. thank you.

AEvans profile image

AEvans 6 years ago from SomeWhere Out There Author

Miranda: DNA was first used in the late 1980s it didn't exist prior to that time. If Russia had found that she was alive then it would honestly being an embarassment especially when they made claim that the entire family was murdered, how would they explain themselves to the World that they made a very bad mistake? :)

lexy: I will be happy to go to your link in the next few days and do a comparison but all of us know that pics can be modified to flaw or perfect a picture of someone.

britany: There are to many similiarites and a person would not know of another person's life in such detail unless they lived it. They did not have technology back then so gathering information would have been far more complicated then it is today.:)

annie: Similiarites are to close see comment above you. :)

annie 6 years ago

like britany i was wondering why do you believe anna anderson?

britany 6 years ago

hi i was wondering after reading your blog why do you think that ANNA ANDERSON was ANASTASIA? is just because you think they look alike or is the reason deeper than that?

lexy 6 years ago

thank you for responding but I was intrested by hearing what others said so I lookedd throgh coments and what you were telling cheyann about them looking a like well I agree with her. If you did go to my last listed website you can see the terrible resemblance. Anastasia's face was longer and her eyes were smaller, so were her lips they were also more shaped. Anna's face flater her chin was wider and when being posed she most likely had a supporter tell her to bite her lips in so they look smaller and more 'Anastasia like'. On my last listed website you can see what she did to 'mock' Anastasia even in old age she did this.Please comment on this and look at the last listed website and see how badly they look alike.Remember to comment after.

miranda 6 years ago

what your saying dose make an excellent point but just because she knows much about the family doesn't make her Anastasia. true we didn't have technology back then but i'm pretty sure that DNA had been discovered by then. and there has been belif that Russai ws covering up the story, but i don't think it means that Russia awould be shamed i think only the last parts of the Romanovs like Anastasia's grandmother would be shamed.

-thank you for taking interest in m theory.

AEvans profile image

AEvans 6 years ago from SomeWhere Out There Author

lexi: Very interesting you are truly a great debater, I give you kudos and value your opinion. :)

Miranda: Interesting but how would she have such mucj knowledge of names, history, people, facts that only they would know? We did not have any technology then? Don't you believe there could have been a cover-up or switching of DNA because if everyone found out the truth then Russia would have been shame. You also have great knowledge and it is interesting that all of us question our theories and have separate opinions. :)

miranda 6 years ago

sorry but i have to agree with lexy i don't really think Anna Anderson was Anastasia i went to lexy's listed website and have to say that she looks nothing like her. like Advia i would also like to think she lived but there was no way she could have.last i would like to point out that when her dna was compared to that of the family's it didn't match this also supports my theory please give me a response to what you think about this.

lexy 6 years ago

i personaly think that anastasia did died in the romanov massacre. i also think that anna anderson and anastasia look nothing alike here's a web address that shows how they don't really look alike:

AEvans profile image

AEvans 6 years ago from SomeWhere Out There Author

pixie676: It would be nice if she was but some will believe while others are mystified or do not. That is what makes it a mystery, I believe there is to much information that is so eerily similar so I believe that she was who she claimed to be. :)

Advia: None of us may never know but I believe there is a strong possibility she is who she claimed to be, I don't know of any person who would make up such a story and truly stand by it through death. But I do appreciate your thoughts and opinions too! :)

Advia 6 years ago

I would love to believe that she had survived but there isn’t any possible way that she could have, Their faces were smashed with rocks to prevent recognition, there isn’t any way she would have survived that, you have all the right evidence, and they look uncannily alike, but so do most people and I would really love to think she had survived but there isn’t any possible way she could have.

pixi676 6 years ago

I wrote a term paper about this in high school. I also watched a video on it. I applaud you for doing such good research. The history I learned is the same as what you wrote here. But I always believed that she did survive. It was always one of my favorite thing in history. It was always interesting. I loved the cartoon movie and other videos. I loved the history behind it. Anyway my history teacher and I talked about this anna woman being anastasia. He didn't believe she was and really neither do I. And I think they did prove her hair didn't match but you're right about the facts on that too so we may never really know. But I don't believe she was anastasia. I like to believe anastasia is still alive and somewhere out there.

AEvans profile image

AEvans 6 years ago from SomeWhere Out There Author

jayjay40: Thank you I try to make it easy to understand because it is such a difficult subject to write about. :)

magical mermaid: I don't care much for politics either but I do believe she was alive and the government on both sides tried to cover up the truth, but it is only my opinion.

magical mermaid 6 years ago

I want to believe that she was.Sometimes life can be so hard,poor children.I hate politics.

jayjay40 profile image

jayjay40 6 years ago from Bristol England

Fastinating hub, you made a difficult subject easy to read and understand. Thanks for sharing

AEvans profile image

AEvans 6 years ago from SomeWhere Out There Author

scheng1: I found that quite unusual myself, maybe it is because they honestly did not wish for us to know the truth which is quite sad.

scheng1 6 years ago

I wonder why the cremation. I would think that burial is a better choice, since she could have requested a transfer to her ancestor's burial plot whenever possible in the future.

AEvans profile image

AEvans 7 years ago from SomeWhere Out There Author

Krystin: Interesting thoughts so many of us believe she did exist and so many believe she did not, I hope that one day we will know. :)

Krystin 7 years ago

I also beleave that Anastasia and her brother escaped, I also beleave Anastasia grew up and had children, another interesting something I heard that Anastasia has blood of chirst in her, she is a decended from god, therefore thinking she has come back again to put the truth out there, but then again, that's what I beleave!

AEvans profile image

AEvans 7 years ago from SomeWhere Out There Author

cheyann: Interesting but how are the pictures so eerily similar? Thank you so much for your thoughts but I believe it certainly is still a mystery Russia who certainly be emberassed if the truth were told. :)

cheyann(: 7 years ago

They actually found a brush with Anna Andersons DNA. It has been fproven that she was not Anastasia. Her name was Fransiska, er something and she wasn't even russian she was polish. she was from a poor family of farmers. she attempted suicide and had mental issues. she ended up convincing herself she was asnstasia...but its been proven she is indeed not(: but this was an amazing mystery and my class had tons of funn trying to figure it out. i believed it was anastasia(: haha, i was wrong though.

AEvans profile image

AEvans 7 years ago from SomeWhere Out There Author

nrgalloway: I will certainly check that book out and thank you so much for reading about her. :)

nrgalloway24 profile image

nrgalloway24 7 years ago from Bedford, Pa

There's a really good book about her titled Anastasia the Lost Princess by Blair James Hovell and a book titled the secret plot to save the tsar, has a lot of information about the DNA whicih coincidentally was only mitochondrial DNA and is not conclusive or universally accepted for identification of bodies. I have links on my page. And in case you wondered I do believe that Anastasia did escape. good hub!

AEvans profile image

AEvans 7 years ago from SomeWhere Out There Author

khoustello: Thanks for your opinion but children should not have heartless been murdered nor a survivor ignored, children are innocent and regardless of how corrupt they were so was Russia for many years. :)

khoustello 7 years ago from lancashire

Shes brown bread- now get over it.The Russian royal family was corrupt.

AEvans profile image

AEvans 7 years ago from SomeWhere Out There Author

Dolores: Now that is an interesting fact and I believe it to be true hopefully one day the truth will be known. :)

Dolores Monet profile image

Dolores Monet 7 years ago from East Coast, United States

A,I recall reading years ago, that one of the reasons that people don't believe that Anastasia was killed was because when they lined up the family for the firing squad, Anastasia was left standing (according to witnesses) because she was so beloved by her captors, no one could bring himself to do the deed and kill the child. Whatever really happened, that is a touching, heartbreaking story.

AEvans profile image

AEvans 7 years ago from SomeWhere Out There Author

Storytellersrus: You are so welcome and I will always believe that the woman who was Ann Anderson was none other then Anastasia. I hope that one day the truth will be known and they (Russia) will tuck there tails in and be honest. A woman would never fight for something unless it was the truth. :)

Storytellersrus profile image

Storytellersrus 7 years ago from Stepping past clutter

I believe your conclusions partly because I want to believe and partly because Russia would have reason to cover this up as it is an embarrassment. I love the romance of the story, I suppose. I love the movie Anastasia and the possibility that she did live. Thanks for revealing reasons for me to continue to believe. I was pretty bummed when someone told me she had been accurately I.D.'d.

AEvans profile image

AEvans 7 years ago from SomeWhere Out There Author

MistHaven: I couldn't agree with you more so many secrets and lies it so sad that she has not had her name cleared. :(

MistHaven profile image

MistHaven 7 years ago from New Jersey

I wouldn't doubt it; there's a lot of cover-ups down in history. Anastasia had one rollercoaster of a life.

AEvans profile image

AEvans 7 years ago from SomeWhere Out There Author

GlstngRosePetals: Thanks bunches.. :)

Ralwus: ***smile*** :D thanks :)

ralwus 7 years ago

*smiling*hugs back dear one

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GlstngRosePetals 7 years ago from Wouldn't You Like To Know

I also believe she was Anastasia there is to much valid information that points to the facts about her, great article.

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AEvans 7 years ago from SomeWhere Out There Author

ralwus: That is horrible and that is why I admire you, your comments are thought provoking, I do think she was rescued for some reason my heart said she was and I really truly do. (((Big Hugs)) :)

ralwus 7 years ago

Well, look at it this way. The son, a small boy was shot and killed with his dad. If they could do that, how could any mercy be shown to anyone, and they were all drunk too I think to give them more courage for the dastardly deed. But, I suppose someone could have rescued her out of the other sisters. My thumb is getting tired of going up every time I come in here. LOL

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AEvans 7 years ago from SomeWhere Out There Author

ralwus: It will always remain a mystery and the man upstairs does work in mysterious ways. The scars that she had endured were an exact match, how is it possible? mmmmmm... Those people were evil in any case and how could they murder an entire family and not have any mercy? I am certain that they were punished for what they did. :)

ralwus 7 years ago

I really can't answer that dear. I only know what I have read. I do know the assassins were good at what they did and were experienced killers all. I just can't see how she would have ever escaped their clutches as Lenin wanted no members of the family left alive and he had them in his clutches for that reason.

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AEvans 7 years ago from SomeWhere Out There Author

sixtyorso: I believe that the DNA was tainted and som how managed to switch her samplings. I don't believe that she was a child of one of the servants because her pics resemble Anastasia way to much. I do remember the show I believe they want us to somehow believe a lie, just my own opinion. :)

ralwus: I honestly believe she was alive because women do not fight that hard about something unless they are telling the truth. If she were one of the servants children, why would she want to become Anastasia those pictures are to close. :)

BeatsMe: I am glad to see you on HP and thank you for commenting. :)

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BeatsMe 7 years ago

Nice topic. Enjoyed reading it. :)

ralwus 7 years ago

I am pretty sure the murderers knew how to kill, and kill they did. They may have been surprised at first when the ladies were not dead because of the jewels hidden in their corsets, but they knew death and how to deliver it. They had a deep hatred of the family and the order was given, they fulfilled the order I believe to the letter. It is also like the many who had professed to be Billy the Kid or Jesse James. People are like that you see? Oh, yeah thanks for the link, I looked but still don't believe it.

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sixtyorso 7 years ago from South Africa

Intriguing. there was a program recently on Discovery on tnis very subject. But as I recall it the DNA did not match. The conclusion was that she was a child of one of the Romanov servants. However that in itself may have been a subterfuge,

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AEvans 7 years ago from SomeWhere Out There Author

Shalini: I honestly believe she was and Russia certainly could not have that, after all why would they want to proven that they failed in a heinous crime?

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Shalini Kagal 7 years ago from India

Was she, wasn't she? The thing is, why should she have fought so hard to prove it if it wasn't true? I loved the film.

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AEvans 7 years ago from SomeWhere Out There Author

Candie: I wish we would have answer I believe that Anna Anderson was Anastasia those pics on Peter's page speak the truth, if only the family would fess up. :)

Rochelle: I bet that was amazing!!! You were so luck to play a part and the grandmother of all people I know she knew the entire time. :)

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Rochelle Frank 7 years ago from California Gold Country

A very intriguing and romantic mystery. We really want to believe. When I was in High school I can remember playing a scene from the Anastasia play.. I was the grandmother. It was a real tear-jerker.

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Candie V 7 years ago from Wherever there's wolves!! And Bikers!! Cummon Flash, We need an adventure!

The never-ending mystery, resurfacing every few years... ah to have an answer!!!

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AEvans 7 years ago from SomeWhere Out There Author

Bernie: It is disheartening and sad that her family could be so cruel and inhumane she had gone through so much and I will always believe that Anna was Anastasia her resemblance that Peter Kurth duly noted on his page which I have linked clearly identifies her and there is not a single person that could ever tell me that Anna was not her. I hope that one day somebody will step-up speak the truth and bring her name back to her even after death. It also saddens me to think of the horror your grandfather went through during that period I could not imagine enduring that pain. :)

dohn121: The Russians are always trying to cover-up something and this one is the worse cover-up I have ever seen. The descendants of the Romanov's know and so do they. They should give her back her title and honor and let her rest in peace. If I had the ability I would fight for her honor even after her death, maybe just maybe a descendant will read it and honestly have a heart. :)

dohn121 profile image

dohn121 7 years ago from Hudson Valley, New York

I'm with you, Julianna. How would the woman who claims to be Anastasia Romanov benefit from such a claim anyhow and what are the Russians trying to cover up anyway? It just doesn't make sense for the cover-up. I enjoyed this, thank you.

Bernie 7 years ago

Great blog, great topic, I have been to Russia 32 times and Yekaterinburg 8 times. The Royal Family burial location has been know since 1992 or so and it is in a really isolated area of forest and mines back on my original visit in 2000. I went to the final grave mine shaft before Americans were actually allowed in that area, an eerie isolated sad place for royalty to rest. I Always had a fascination with the Romanov's since my grandfather was there in 1917 in St Petersburg. He told horror stories of how at 17 he non-voluntarily had to dig mass graves for flatbeds of people slandered by the Revolutionists. He survived, escaped to Germany then USA.

Many descendant members of the Romanov family still survive, some here in Florida and all of them have the DNA matches that Anna is missing for credibility or indisputable bloodlines.

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AEvans 7 years ago from SomeWhere Out There Author

ralwus: It is fixed now you can click on the link!! oops sorry.:)

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AEvans 7 years ago from SomeWhere Out There Author

ralwus: I didn't use the right link,lololo I have to fix! :)

landthatilove: Anna's story was that she was Anastasia

Romanov and stuck to it to the very end. She ended up here

through her companion who she adored but never married. :)

landthatilove: You got that right. :)

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landthatilove 7 years ago from ohio

Of course the Russians did not want her (Anna) to be able to claim anything from the estate.

landthatilove profile image

landthatilove 7 years ago from ohio

Intriguing. What was Anna's story after the killings? What happened to her and how did she end up in America?

ralwus 7 years ago

Now ya did it. they yanked the pictures and the link doesn't work. I believe.

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AEvans 7 years ago from SomeWhere Out There Author

Vladimir: It is my understanding based on reading and research that she did not have children nor did she ever marry. Peter Kurth wrote about her and the link is toward the end of the article the pictures are dead on so I honestly do not know how they could have disclaimed someone who had fought so hard for who she was it is impossible. :)

Vladimir Uhri profile image

Vladimir Uhri 7 years ago from HubPages, FB

Very interesting. I wonder if she had children to fallow DNA pattern.

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