By: Wayne Brown

Writers here on the hub celebrate various milestones in many ways. For a while I was focused on getting to the big number 100 hub, but doing it with as much quality in my writing as I possibly could. I am slowly and methodically working my way there. But, if you remember, a while back I celebrated my 45th hub and wrote a tribute piece called “Forty-Five” mainly because I did not think that number got enough attention like 50 and 100 do most of the time. Thus, it was only natural that the thought might occur to me that celebrating my 90th hub might be a bit more appropriate than waiting for number 100. So here goes…

HubPages has been a really good experience for me filled with a lot of highs and some low moments. There was a point back there around the mid-20’s hub count when I really considered chucking it all and moving on. I was more or less in a state of writer’s block, my hubs were not scoring well, and I had decided that maybe it was a mistake to attempt to my hand at writing. That was early in the process but it was an important place in the process. Things happened there that showed me what a wonderful community of writers live here. I learned that others really care and want you to do well here. On that basis, I think it is appropriate that I talk about some of the hubbers who influenced me early on and kept me motivated and in the game. There are a lot of great hubbers here that I follow and read regularly and it is impossible for me to cover all of them here. Suffice to say that this piece focuses on those individuals who have made a difference for me.

Stan Fletcher was my first fan. He signed up when I only had a couple of hubs. He had a high score, lots of followers, and lots of hubs. I was humbled. He left me comments too encouraging me, complimenting my writing with specifics about those things he liked. For the hubs that Stan could have been reading, he was including mine. Needless to say, I felt pretty special considering I was just one fish here in a sea of over 160,000. When the going got tough for me and I considered dropping out, Stan propped me up with more encouragement. He even wrote a hub and highlighted one of my articles. He sent his fan base in my direction. In less than a week’s time, that one hub logged almost 100 readers. Fans showed up on my doorsteps letting me know that Stan had sent them. He, along with their help, kept me in the game. I will not ever forget that. Now, if I could only get Stan to write a serious dramatic piece that I know he is capable of but will not do.

I think Rochelle Frank must have read every thing I wrote at some point or other. Her short comments built my confidence. When I came on the Hub, I was fairly shy about my writing showing it mainly to my sister who always encouraged me to share it somehow. I just was not sure enough about my ability to entertain the reader. Rochelle would leave me little comments like, “you are a really good storyteller”. Just that short little comment adds so much to the equation and it makes me want to write more and write it better than the last time. I have tried not to forget Rochelle when I encourage others as they start out here on the Hub.

Ralwus…what the hell would I do without the maddening poetry of Charlie Campbell? His profile photo first caught my eye in that old sea jacket and hat with all the gray hair. When I discovered his article was poetry, I almost did not go there. Poetry has never really been my strong suite, even the rhyming kind. When I saw that his did not rhyme, I was even more intimidated. But I was curious and I stayed and read. Wow! Charlie showed me that I did not always have to understand the total meaning as long as I enjoyed and savored the words and their use. Charlie can yank life right out of your skull and put it on paper. He can make you want to have sex on a bulldozer seat. He showed me how you can push the edges and not fall off the paper. He made me want to be brave and try some new stuff. He made me want to let go of my inhibitions and write my emotions and experiences. There’s way more to Charlie Campbell than just poems. Charlie writes with a passion that few can muster. He is bold, honest, sincere, and willing to go it alone. He inspires me.

Ken Abell came along about the time that I was writing of Johnny Cash and Buddy Holly. He had a lot of great hubs and a ton of fans. He left me some fan mail and told me how glad he was that he had found me here on the hub. I wish he could have know how glad I was that he found me! I did not have to read very many of his hubs to realize why he had such a following. Here is a guy who has probably been writing since he could hold a pencil. He received a lot of encouragement from his family as he grew up and he continues to hone and improve his skills. Ken has one of those “star wars” imaginations which allows him to create just about any situation mentally that he desires. He takes it from the mind to the paper with absolute precision allowing the reader to grasp the picture quickly. I learned much about quality and the right choice of words and phrases through his writing. He also helped me to realize that I don’t need to get wound up in technical details and lose the reader. He taught me the importance of a strong story line. To top it all off, he included me in one of his hubs as one of the ten HubPages writers that he would most like to meet. He left me speechless and humbled but overjoyed to be a part of that group.

Saddlerider1 came along not long after I cured my writer’s block and decided to try my hand in various writing genres on the hub. I wanted to know if I could affect the reader’s emotions, elicit tears of sadness or joy, send them reeling to the heights of happiness, or leave them laughing in the aisle. Ken helped me to understand how well I could do that. He would leave me detailed comments letting me know how a particular piece had affected him and how it touched his own personal experiences. He taught me that people are not so different from me no matter how many miles are between them. His hubs brought me to a new sense of honesty in my writing. Here is a man who can openly share some really difficult parts of his life, allow us to feel that sadness, and then help us to find our way back to the joy. His bare-ass style of writing has taught me much about letting go and sharing. He has certainly helped me to be a better writer.

One day I looked up and there was Breakfast Pop, “The BP”, “BPop, or “Poppy. I dare not reveal her true identity to any greater degree than she already has at this point. Poppy showed up on the urging of Stan Fletcher. Much like Rochelle, she quickly offered encouragement in the way of short supportive comments to my offerings. She made me actually feel talented just by saying so. BP inspired my desires to attempt political commentary, to release, to vent. She has the wonderful ability to take the most political events and weave them into a child-like fairytale that makes it fun to experience. I might also mention that she offers up some good breakfast food and drink ideas in the process. From her, I have learned much about delivering the message. She has taught me to lead others away from the Kool-Aid. Reading her weekly hubs, I have visions of Robin Hood, Friar Tuck, and maybe even a Sir Lancelot or two. Politics just like Fairy Tales has both its villains and its heroes. Fantasy and reality are not so far apart. BPop taught me that.

A couple of months ago, I clicked on a hot hub by Tim Bryce. I liked what I read so I went to his site to read more and I am so glad that I did. Tim is one of those folks I call a “sleeper”. He is here but he just goes quietly about his craft not necessarily seeking or needing anything from anyone. He is one of those people that you just instantly like. Judging from the way he writes, I really believe that he has the ability to bring some order and understanding into just about any state of chaos. He can attack most any subject and take it from a new perspective. It will always be interesting. He can be very objective and fair but I suspect that he can tell it like it is when he wants to do that. He writes in a way that just inspires. He slowly takes things apart and puts them back together right before your eyes. When he finishes with a subject, you really understand it or you really understand how you feel about it. He still believes in those things that made America great, work ethic, honor, duty, your word, consideration for your fellowman. When you read his work, you will believe in those things as well. Tim can get any subject down to the reader’s level and get the intimidation out of it for the reader. He does that by creating an empathy with his reader and he does it well. Just reading his work has created a lot of reader awareness in me for my writing. If you have doubts, go to his site and read the piece on cigars. You will see. If I were directing a hostage crisis or mediating a labor contract, I would want Tim Bryce with me. I’d win too!

Laura Summerville Reed a.k.a. “lalesu” showed up on my door steps one day with a note that said, “Charlie sent me.” I had to laugh out loud as it seemed she was just a young school girl sent on an errand by Charlie Campbell. She even asked permission to be one of my fans. I should have known there was a lot of talent lurking here. Just her email and the way it was worded gave me a sense of excitement, laughter, fun and just such a carefree feeling. “Here truly I have found a free spirit,” I remember thinking to myself. I had no idea. When I read her first poem, I could only wish to read a second, then a third. I read everything she wrote and re-read some. Wow! She could take words and phrases and twist them in verse like a kudzu vine entwining itself around and about the bars of a steel gate. She hangs her emotions, scratches and scars up on the wall to let you see but you have to figure out what they are and whence they came. She squirrels away nuggets of word or phrase on a scrap of paper here and there whenever she encounters it, much like a songwriter grabs a hook line right out of the chaos. Then she weaves it all together in to something that conveys all subject matter in metaphor maybe mixing in a little double-entendre along the way. Her work reeks of quality, grooming, carefully tooling of each and every word. She had taught me not to hurry too much. She stirs my inner self and causes me to write from deep inside my head and my heart. Reading her crafted pieces only inspires me to make mine better each time. She is truly talented.

These are just a hand-full of the writers who have inspired me here on the Hub and helped me to have fun while I sharing my thoughts. There are many, many, more who well deserve the praise but I must stop here in the interest of some “hubrevity”.

That just about wraps up the big “Nine-Oh!” celebration. Thanks for showing up and thank you for reading my hubs and leaving your comments. Now, if you will excuse me, I have some things I need to write. WB

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sunflowerbucky profile image

sunflowerbucky 6 years ago from Small Town, USA

You mentioned some of my very favorite hubbers, Wayne, and pointed me in the direction of some I now feel inclined to check out! I just ordered Ken Abell's book, so excited to read it! This really is a fantastic group of writers. I have very rarely ever encountered negativity on here. Constructive criticism, absolutely! Hubbers are the best! You should also check out James A Watkins, De Greek and Tony0724. I could go on and on.....

Stan Fletcher profile image

Stan Fletcher 6 years ago from Nashville, TN

Dude! That was really nice of you man. I've told you from the beginning that I thought you were great. No thanks necessary, but it was very nice of you to do so. Keep crankin em out and we'll keep readin em. Onward and Upward!

Wayne Brown profile image

Wayne Brown 6 years ago from Texas Author

Good deal get busy on that dramatic piece you need to write for me (LOL)! Seriously, I alway remember you when I find someone here on the hub without a single fan. If there is any way that I can motivate them without deceiving them, I try to do it. You help me stick it out and I remember that! You also taught me a lot about humor and timing in the process! Thanks, WB

Wayne Brown profile image

Wayne Brown 6 years ago from Texas Author

Bucky...I have been on to James for a while. He is very good, very detailed. There is probably no better on the hub from a historic and religious history standpoint. I have seen the De Greek but not Tony. I will check both of them a bit closer. I hope you stick with that fiction know 17 year olds are over done anyway...that's the reason they get our attention so easily! WB

profile image

ralwus 6 years ago

Well, what a hub this is to be mentioned like that. Gee, I am so honored to among these people (tony is one of my friends as well). You have come quite a ways my friend. It took me quite some time to come out of my shell here and I have seen some really great stuff written by so many, you have touched on a tiny fraction and no way can we get to enjoy it all. there are just too many. Did I really send lalesu? I reckon maybe I did because I liked what you wrote. Keep it up old son, you're doing great work. Thanks now, Charlie

lorlie6 profile image

lorlie6 6 years ago from Bishop, Ca

"Sex on a bulldozer seat?" That would be Charlie, all right! You know, Wayne, I'm in that same 20-hub-slump right now and reading this gives me hope that I can move to greater things-just like you have done.

Congratulations on #94!

Wayne Brown profile image

Wayne Brown 6 years ago from Texas Author

Lorlie, I know the feeling all too well. Mix that with low hub traffic and it gets depressing. Just don't give in to the number count and focus more on the writer block. That fixed me and kept me from creating a bunch of marginal hubs I hope. I got passed the block by jumping genres. Get outside your comfort zone and attempt something totally new. Just keep your quality in place. It is really a turn-off for me when I visit a writer's hubs and find minimal content that has been posted just to get numbers...just don't understand it. Thanks for read and your comments! WB

lalesu profile image

lalesu 6 years ago from south of the Mason-Dixon

Wayne Brown, to say "I'm humbled, honored and surprised", to find myself not just mentioned in one of your hubs, but a landmark hub, and among so many wonderful writers is an understatement! You have faithfully encouraged me with your compliments and humor on my own writing, and your wonderful talent has given me many smiles, things to ponder and even the occasional pensive sadness to embrace. You and Charlie - What would I have done without you?! I thank you, kind sir! ~ Laura

Wayne Brown profile image

Wayne Brown 6 years ago from Texas Author

You know me, Laura...wouldn't say if it weren't true. You have inspired me to keep up! Thanks. WB

samboiam profile image

samboiam 6 years ago from Texas

You have mentioned some of my favorite hubbers. Stan, Charlie and Laura are all great. I enjoyed this hub voted it up.

I am not as polite as Laura. I am joining your fan club without asking permission.

lalesu profile image

lalesu 6 years ago from south of the Mason-Dixon

How could I have been so rude? Wayne I'd like for you to meet Sam. Sam, this is my good friend, Wayne Brown. I just assume anyone I know, knows everyone else, lol! Thank you both, once again. ~ Laura

Wayne Brown profile image

Wayne Brown 6 years ago from Texas Author

Welcome Sam...I can always use another fan especially when they come with Laura's stamp of approval. I will be reaing your stuff as well. Thanks. WB

ladyjane1 profile image

ladyjane1 6 years ago from Texas

Wayne that is a very nice tribute to people who have encouraged and inspired you. Stan was one of my first fans as well but havent seen him in a looooooong time on my hubs, I guess he traded me for you but I don't blame him you are much more talented and prettier than I am. Cheers pal, and great hub once again.

Wayne Brown profile image

Wayne Brown 6 years ago from Texas Author

LJ...I have seen little of Stan in my traffic lately. I see him returning comments on his own but not much else. I guess I am not pretty enough either! Thanks. WB

Lady_E profile image

Lady_E 6 years ago from London, UK

Congrats on your 90th Hub. Hope you continue to enjoy writing on HP.

Wayne Brown profile image

Wayne Brown 6 years ago from Texas Author

Thank you, Lady_E, its been a lot of fun so far. Now if I can just think of something else to write about! Thanks for stopping by! WB

Rochelle Frank profile image

Rochelle Frank 6 years ago from California Gold Country

Sorry, I missed this earlier. Nice of you to mention my name-- and yes, you are a great storyteller.

More, please.

Wayne Brown profile image

Wayne Brown 6 years ago from Texas Author

Thanks for all your support and encouragement Rochelle. I promise that I will keep trying to write a good story as long as the ideas come! WB

saddlerider1 profile image

saddlerider1 6 years ago

Wayne I want to thank you for your very kind accolades and including me amongst some giant writers here. The first Hub of yours I read, I knew that here was a man loaded with talent.

He could express himself in so many ways, a man who stands his ground and behind his beliefs. A true patriot who speaks out for the common man and who fought and continues to fight for the freedom of his country and his flag. I salute you sir and would have been proud to have fought by your side.

If I helped in any way to bring out the author in you, then I am proud of that. I know that I have worn my emotions on my sleeve in many hubs, but it's because that is who I am and I revealed myself, hoping to reach out to hubbers with similar situations.

Remember this a MAN can cry, I am proud to be that MAN and express myself. Thank you for calling me friend, I am honored to be a loyal fan. Peace Bro.

Wayne Brown profile image

Wayne Brown 6 years ago from Texas Author I stated, you write with a lot of honesty and courage. I was very impressed with that. I think you have a lot of depth...emotions bring that to a writer if the writer can let the emotions flow. You can do that. I hope to see you extend that talent in all directions. You have already begun to do it so well with poetry and I think you might have a rugged adventure or two in ya as well. I look forward to growing our friendship and honing our skills here on the hub! Thanks much! WB

profile image

R. J. Lefebvre 6 years ago

Wayne, I like your writing style, free and easy and to the point, and entertaining! My passion to write is an effort to understand the human element, "what makes us tick".


Wayne Brown profile image

Wayne Brown 6 years ago from Texas Author

@R J Lefebvre...Thank you for those kind words of encouragement. I hope I can continue in that vein. Figuring out what makes us tick can be a sticky least with some types. Good Luck! WB

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