Neanderthral Habits Renounced.

Neanderthal Habits Renounced.



Imagine for a moment
if we all lived in a much crueler world,
where unwanted and third world babies
where butchered and skinned,
for their soft pliant flesh
which would then be stretched
and surgically sewn over the faces
and necks of the old and wrinkled.

All for the purpose of
being more beautiful.

I have held tiny chinchillas
and rabbits and even a baby fox,
left to fend on its own
when its mother was trapped,
I have looked into their
innocent trusting eyes,
and seen the glorious handiwork
of God gleaming there.

I see dead babies when I spot
fur on a lady of luxury,
I care not for her face or her figure,
it is her soul that astounds me
with its shallow ugliness,
to spend money to buy the flesh
of many of God's creatures,
reassembled into a fashionable coat,
just for the sake of vanity.

We live in a synthetic world,
where one can keep warm with
far more perfect faux fur,
then they ever could with,
the remnants of lives cut short,
just to be cool?



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