Nerve Endings Unleashed.


Nerve Endings Unleashed.


Impulses control me,
my pulse is a

dancing jugular
threading it's
endless performances
between the

fine lines of balance
and a fatal drop.

Fermented things

tempt me,
but I abstain

with moderation
lest I wine too much.

I once smoked

the leavings
of southern field's

long white curls

of addiction
filling my organs

with toxins.

But now I chew gum
like a coffee grinder,
and drink coffee
strong enough to chew.

Women tantalize me
but they are impulses
I can often
get a handle on,
when they harden me
to their softness.

I run late most days,
dashing around in circles
gulping meals and then 

pedal to the metal
to save the time I've lost.

I am a nervous

tic who tocks
as I battle the clock
even this entry

was on impulse,
when I 've much to do
so I will leave you
with my worst




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