Newspaper Reading and Why it is Important


Newspaper is a printed paper which carries news and views of home and abroad to us. Newspaper comes out everyday with news and advertisement. The information which we get from any of these directions is called news. China was the first country to publish newspapers in the 16th century. Newspaper is different kinds. These are – dailies, weeklies, monthlies, periodicals etc.

Our is an age of modern science. Modern science has invented new ways and means for our comforts. Reading newspaper is beyond doubt a good habit. Newspaper is the mirror of the day.

Importance of Reading Newspaper:

Newspaper brings us the news of the world. So the importance of newspaper reading is great. A man becomes well-versed in the current politics and political incidents of the world. It helps the nation to form national integration. It develops the outlook of the people of all sectors.

Newspaper is a storehouse of knowledge. General Knowledge is an essential part of education. Newspaper is the best means for acquiring knowledge. The students can know very interesting things by reading a newspaper. The reading of newspaper is very useful for the students to develop their language ability and knowledge of the world.

Newspaper can give us a clear idea of the current events of the country and the world. The newspaper also brings out the plans and policies of the corporations and the government. Newspaper is the best medium of advertisements concerning business, trade and industry.

A person who does not read newspapers is like one shut up in a closed door. We may have the radio and the television today, but they do not give us detailed information as the newspaper does.

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ash 5 years ago



nice article man

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phpnayeem 5 years ago from 260, South Goran, Shantipur, Khilgaon, Dhaka-1219 Author

Thanks Ash

Reza 5 years ago

Awesome and Everyday need

fahel sawant 4 years ago

thanks yarr

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Vidhi Pal 4 years ago

its going to help me in my xam..!!

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its gonna help in my speech! yarr

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best of all

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It. Will. Help. In. Exams

rushikesh.tapdiya 3 years ago

this news paper essay is good nor bad,

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kawan guneet 3 years ago

Its really an ausmmmmmm article with full information... it relly helped me.... really superbbbbbbbbb and ausmmmmmmmm

Aaditya 3 years ago

The information contained within this article is the best of all the article I have read till now . It will help me with my composition

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thanks a lot

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really good it also helped me in my english project

greenmariya 3 years ago

Very nice one.It helped me to say a good speech in my school during open assembly.

daman 3 years ago

cool yr thanxxxxx

rabia 3 years ago

thanx a lot dear

ashvit 2 years ago

Modi ko vote die

venu 2 years ago

hi friends

i also like newspaper but now a days the news paper gives importance to the advertisement and gossip news this are the factors not good

srashti tiwari 2 years ago

thanks a lot it is helping me to write my article

Sandra 2 years ago

I loved it ........ wow .THANXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

honey singh 2 years ago

it is very good and it help me to complete my holiday homework.

l.g 2 years ago

it has not more information. it is not good for me and it not help me to complete my essay on newspaper and my class teacher scold me because i not complete the essay. so i not like this.

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shresthchourasia 2 years ago

its nice but it can be more intersting..........

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thanxxxxxxx with you.......

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Its not to much nice but chala ga

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Aarayaman 2 years ago

It is very good it helps in my life and studies

divya nathani 2 years ago

by reading news paper dear people plzzz vote narendra modi [nammo]

rahul patel 2 years ago

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vanshika 2 years ago

Its good yar not bad

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its too good..............

Renil 2 years ago

the best

Abhishek Jain 2 years ago

its is very imp to read newspaper

ankita roy 2 years ago

Newspaper is really needfull in our life. It's veryyyyy important

tamana 20 months ago

it is too good read newspaper

sinjan chattopadhyay 20 months ago

very nice

ayush 19 months ago

It help in my speech

chethani 9 months ago

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