Night Frights.


Night Frights!   ©-MFB III


Though it all seems ordinary

when the night frights come to tarry

it can often be so scary,

peek round corners, but be wary

When it's time to go to  bed,

but fear's haunting in your head,

dash down hallways like a sled

to your door, so full of dread

Tip toe in ever so gently,

it gets hard there evidently

and more eerie consequently

bend down slow, and go intently,

lest your feet step on a crack,

that will make the beast attack,

raking claws across your back

placing you inside it's sack.

For it lurks there in the shadows,

with it's  monsterously bad glows

and each and every kid knows
how it likes  to bite small toes,

Hop deep into your bed clothes

pull sheets over your head so

it thinks that you are dead..... though

I am not sure then it will go

But if some remorse you cause it

thinking you have surely  lost it

it might turn. and with a pause it

will go back into your closet,

Or just call real loud for Mom

who can always make it gone,

leaving you to catch up on,

less screams,


in dreams,


till dawn.

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