Oct.-a -Gone!



October ends
by discarding
its wood smoked costumes
and removing
its masks of  mulit-colored leaves
to reveal
the cold, white,
and bitter face of November.

All the winds
howl at this
natural monster returned.

The rains become
cycle path "thick" slashers
cutting journeys short
and sending mortals fleeing.

Soon enough
each drop is frozen
into the painful pelts
of bone chilling chips.

Children hail
October's exit
by toting huge
bags of bounty
pilfered from their
begging door to door
dressed in nightmarish apparel
as they seek
sugar coated dreams.

The moon hangs
like an evil mottled eye,
gazing through
gray, clouded, cataracts
that obstruct its misty view.

Gravestones bow
in huddled masses
to the forces
of Novembers rage.
Bones clatter far below
in satin muffled hollows
as cartilage gives way.
Each joint is frozen
to a quick snap,
that no one
but the dead hear.

It's another Oct.-a-gone as
the snow flaked shapes of
November return.

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GusTheRedneck profile image

GusTheRedneck 7 years ago from USA

MFB III - You put the season into reason all right ! Hey, when I was a kid, some thousands of years back, there was a soap product that was widely marketed with the tradename, "Octagon Soap." I has clean gone away. :-)))

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