Ode to The Poetry of The Supreme Artiste. A Sonnet-Ode to Swalia, (Shaloo) by Manatita

With Love and Light, Swalia

Rumi, the mystic poet
Rumi, the mystic poet | Source
Blake, the esoteric poet
Blake, the esoteric poet | Source

Matchless are these Jewels of immortal time,

No clock can beat the cadences of your rhyme.

Here insight, Love; much depth of Light assured;

Alive the blissful portals, of Love’s abode.

An ever-effulgent rainbow is the Sun,

Peeling of the layered structures of the Dawn.

Which like an unfolding flower’s tapestries,

Rise to Delight in glorious majesties.

Your peerless rhythm, each loving Heart imbibes,

Man, beast, firmament, flower or distant tribes.

Singing a diamond rhapsody in the Soul,

Each tiny vein your Eternal breath unfolds.

Thy beat the rivers gush ‘midst Oceans red,

Flow not to deny, but sing your praise instead!

-Manatita 13th October, 2015. Copyrighted,

~ Awakening The Inner Light ~


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© 2015 manatita44

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Surabhi Kaura profile image

Surabhi Kaura 13 months ago from Toronto, Canada

This is serene and melodious, Guru ji! Shaloo will love it! Om Shanti.

AudreyHowitt profile image

AudreyHowitt 13 months ago from California

Beautiful work my friend!

manatita44 profile image

manatita44 13 months ago from london Author

Thank you Audrey. Really appreciated.


My comment here initially seems to have disappeared. Thank you so much!!

vasantha  T k profile image

vasantha T k 13 months ago from Bangalore

Beautiful poetry and the video. Very cute, little bird in the hands. Keep going.

MsDora profile image

MsDora 13 months ago from The Caribbean

The love and light in this sonnet (as in others) are what uplifts the reader. Excellent!

billybuc profile image

billybuc 13 months ago from Olympia, WA

Sorry I'm late, my friend. The birthday celebration kept me quite busy yesterday. Wonderful sonnet....beautiful poetry....spreading the love of words around the world one poem/piece at a time.

manatita44 profile image

manatita44 13 months ago from london Author

Thank you, Vasantha,

I really appreciate this. Higher blessings.

Hi Dee, any more recently? Looking forward to your next work. Much gratitude.

Hi Bill,

Birthday celebration? Bev's? Happy belated celebrations, Bro. God bless.

Missy Smith profile image

Missy Smith 13 months ago from Florida

This is very beautiful Manatita. I know swalia will love this. Your beautiful words are a great guidance to enlightenment. :)

manatita44 profile image

manatita44 13 months ago from london Author

You understand, Missy, you understand ...

Thank you so much! Joy and Peace.

swalia profile image

swalia 13 months ago

First of all, I apologize for my late comment. A long power cut kept me away from virtual world for almost thirty hours :(

Thank you for dedicating this lovely poem to me! Your poems are so uplifting with subtle spiritual messages. It's a delight reading them.

manatita44 profile image

manatita44 13 months ago from london Author

Thank you, Swalia, for gracing this page with your Love, Light and Beauty. Higher blessings! Much Gratitude... much

bravewarrior profile image

bravewarrior 13 months ago from Central Florida

"Peeling the layered structures of the dawn" is my favorite line in this beautiful poem, Manatita. Dawn unfolds like a morning glory. Its beauty comes alive in a matter of seconds.

manatita44 profile image

manatita44 13 months ago from london Author

Hello, my Dear Friend.

A great Sunday today. Thank you so much! I will visit you soon. Much love.

aviannovice profile image

aviannovice 13 months ago from Stillwater, OK

Very smooth, perfect cadence, and the message is undoubtedly well targeted.

manatita44 profile image

manatita44 13 months ago from london Author

Yes, Deb. So true.

I like to dabble at rhyme from time to time. Seems I'm still ok. Gratitude ...much ..

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