On Guard- (some thoughts on Fencing.)

"On Guard."

(Some thoughts on fencing.)





Solid steel

rises and

cuts a

sharp silhouette,

that slices

in two directions,
severing the

hopes of many
in a long

defensive front.

Raised in

anger and frustration,
not the

kind of fencing
that is polite-
but the

kind that

good neighbors.


high into
the cobalt

blue skies-
along the

where Mexico


Many walls

are holy

such as

the ones


the vatican

which is itself

surrounded by ghettos,

hoarding the vast

treasures that

god intended

for the poor.

And the walls

that block mexico

are also hole-y

and many

that get through

find themselves

working for

menial wages

without insurance

living in worse

conditions than

what they left.

I am sure many

wish that they

had never


such walls.


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