Painting Poetically

Sailing Love's Course


A silence pierced unknown darkness 
in my ship's planks that are brittle. 
Call to her what brings you to bless 
my heart's carving with your whittle. 
A light guides this lonely sailor
traveling through hurtful's thick fog. 
A lonely semblance in blights blur 
is all I could write in my log. 
A fairness which is so very divine.
She showed her face of an angel. 
Sense now steers my ship to align 
within course's perfect angle. 
Destination was unknown prior.
I have a purpose in my sojourn. 
You who I have come to admire 
blow my sails through every turn. 
I turn to glance and see your face.
I give you thanks my blessed thee. 
My humble vessel you do grace 
as I sail through life's lonely sea. 

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IĆ°unn 8 years ago

a good analogy, the ship - I write mostly unpoetry in non-form, but it's lovely to see your work in true poetic form.

Ben Evans profile image

Ben Evans 8 years ago Author


Thank you very much for reading!!! I really appreciate it. Prose is not always in meter and I think of it as painting pictures for the reader. I think you do a fine job at writing unpoetry.Cheers,


Ysabella1854 8 years ago

I remember this poem. It was a few days after that memorable moment. I love you my darling.

Ben Evans profile image

Ben Evans 8 years ago Author

Ysabella,It is a grand love and it was very memorable and shall always be in my heart.

Jewels profile image

Jewels 6 years ago from Australia

So romantic, thanks Ben for the space.

Ben Evans profile image

Ben Evans 6 years ago Author


Thank you very much. This is an older poem of mine and it is one I like a lot also.

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