Paradoxically Me


Who Am I?

Paradoxically ME

I am the divine spirit flowing in and out and through the universe

I am light and darkness coexisting simultaneously;

As I illuminate I cast a shadow; the contrast is where meaning is found;

I am rain and sunshine; I’m torrid and arctic; perpetuating our survival.

I am the ebb and flow; the stillness and the vibration of life.

I am a subset and the whole; we cannot exist without each other.

I am consciousness rising and falling like the crest of the wave;

I am unconsciously waiting to awaken; I am enlighten yet naive.

I am contentment and striving; peacefulness and violence.

I am night and day; darkness and light alternating constantly;

I am positive and negative; sweetness and bitterness.

I am everywhere and nowhere; ubiquitous and rare;

I am an atom and the galaxy; minute yet all encompassing.

I am energy and stillness; powerfully calm;

I am human and God; imbue with pre-eminence and frailty.

I am manifested and obscured; revealed yet concealed;

I am visibly invisible; hidden in plain sight.

I am intelligence and witlessness; discernment and ineptness.

I am known, yet unknown; explored yet undiscovered;

I am an obvious mystery; transparently mystique.

Who am I? I am you; I am ME.

Written on September 30, 2011. Copyrights

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