Pas de Deux with a Twist

Pas de Deux

Light, she danced around the floor;

Bend and bow and turn and step.

Twas though she floated on the air;

The graceful moves she made were smooth.

Her partner's feet scarce touched the ground:

A dancing master would be proud.

And yet, I rue to tell;

'Twas with a broom she danced so well!

© 10-19-88 C. Elizabeth Carl

© 5-4-2010 C. Elizabeth (Carl) Elias

Here's How the Poem Came To Be:

 It was written back in 1988, as I waited outside the yogurt shop to pick up my daughter after work.  She was a junior in high school, and it was her first job.  She did not realize I had arrived and was watching from the car.

Inside my darkened vantage point, I fumbled for something to scribble down the main points of this poem for later transcription.

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