Phasmatis' RainDrop


 I am falling from on-high

To my home I shall return

From which I left

To journey a far

To see what is

To follow what was

With my decent I bring life

With my decent I bring hope

With my decent I will nourish the land

Revitalize the rivers

Fill the lakes

Or even join the oceans

What my future holds

I cannot say, yet

I am but one of many

Together with my family

We will bring life to the world

Together we are strong

My journey was long

And yet so short

Soon I will fulfill my purpose

Soon it will be over

I rejoice in my journey

And I will rejoice in its end

Ker plunk

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kashi jani profile image

kashi jani 6 years ago


Michael Shane profile image

Michael Shane 6 years ago from Gadsden, Alabama

Great job!

Phasmatis profile image

Phasmatis 6 years ago Author

Thank you.

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cosette 6 years ago

i'm totally smiling. you turned raindrops into butterflies. beautiful!

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